Zenflex Rotary Nickel Titanium Files, .35 Tip, .06 Taper, 21mm, 6/pk 818-2351

Item Number: 818-2351
Packaging: pk
Manufacturer: Kerr Endodontics

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Features & Benefits:

  • ZenFlex™ NiTi Rotary Shaping File Maximum Strength. Minimally Invasive.
  • Every patient's canal anatomy is unique. With ZenFlex, you'll have the cutting efficiency, along with the right balance of strength and flexibility you need to accommodate a wide range of curvatures in even the most complex canal anatomies.
  • Explore the full range of differentiating features that make ZenFlex a smart investment for your endodontic practice.
  • High Cutting Efficiency - Designed with triangular cross section with proprietary heat treatment, ZenFlex exhibits high cutting efficiency.
  • Minimally Invasive - 1 mm flute diameter and a non-cutting tip help minimize transportation and preserve the tooth's structural integrity.
  • Exceptional Strength - Resists cyclic fatigue better and with comparable torque strength relative to other leading files on the market, resulting in minimal breakage and deformation.
  • Excellent Flexibility - Excellent controlled memory and flexibility for up to 90° curves that accommodate even the most complex canal anatomies.
  • ZenFlex features a 1mm maximum flute diameter (MFD), 20% smaller diameter compared to other major brands, resulting in preservation of more tooth structure.
  • ZenFlex is designed to be equally resistant or more resistant to torsional stresses relative to major rotary file competitors despite having a smaller MFD and smaller mass.
  • ZenFlex is able to shape severely curved canals.
  • ZenFlex is able to maintain more tooth structure after RCT, due to its 1mm maximum flute diameter.
  • ZenFlex delivers greater resistance to cyclic fatigue. This results in longer time to failure and shorter time to reach the working length while minimizing the risk of breakage and transportation.
  • With exceptional controlled memory, ZenFlex maintains its pre-curved shape, resulting in easier insertion into even the most challenging canal anatomies.
  • With a wide selection of tip and taper configurations, ZenFlex meets the needs of endodontic specialists.
  • These products contain Brass, Nickel-Titanium and a latex-free silicone stopper.


  • ZenFlex™ is a single use product. Discard after use. Do not re-use. Risk of cross contamination and breakage.
  • ZenFlex™ is non-sterile, single use product and must be cleaned and sterilized prior to use.
  • These products should not be used for individuals with sensitivity to brass, nickel.


    Rotary Files Technique:

    • Locate the canal orifices using straight line access and obtain patency with hand files.
    • Establish working length using hand files, apex locator and radiograph as needed.
    • Establish the glide path using hand files or rotary glide path files.
    • Take the first rotary file in the sequence (20 tip) to resistance, repeating as needed for difficult, curved or narrow canals.
    • Take each instrument to resistance at the torque and speed for no longer than 5-7 seconds.
    • Additional Clinical Tips: Irrigate the canal using NaOCl (Sodium Hypochlorite), 17% EDTA or a suitable lubricant agent to facilitate debris removal. Use light pressure and avoid force. When the instrument no longer advances apically, proceed to a smaller file. Prior to use, check instruments for defects; including deformation, breakage, fractures, corrosion, handle damage and loss of color coding or size marking. Discard any product with defects. Use personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses.

    Shaping Technique:

    • Use settings for your handpiece.
    • With the rotary file rotating as you enter the canal, slowly advance the rotary file with a single controlled motion until the file engages dentin, then completely withdraw the rotary file from the canal. Do not force the rotary file apically. Do not peck.
    • Wipe the flutes. Irrigate with NaOCI then confirm patency with #10 K-File.
    • Repeat step 2 using the rotary file you started with until you are not able to passively advance or working length is achieved. Never apply pressure on the rotary file.
    • Repeat with next rotary file in chosen sequence until final working length and desired shape are achieved.
  • Note: Techniques suggested are guidelines for the average case. It is imperative that clinical judgment always be exercised, appropriate setting adjustments are made, and additional care is taken to prevent any adverse events. All measures implemented should be based on individual case requirements.
  • Available in .35 Tip, .06 Taper, 21mm Length, 6/pk.


  • ZenFlex™ rotary files are instruments used for shaping, cleaning and enlarging root canals.
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