Veterinary Eye Storage Cassette Miltex 3-6835

Item Number: 3-6835
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Integra Miltex

Features & Benefits:

  • Integra™ Miltex® Veterinary Eye Cassettes are sterilization cassettes made of surgical-grade passivated stainless steel to provide protection, storage and organization for all types of instruments.
  • Integra™ Miltex® Cassettes are available in a variety of configurations and are designed to fit standard autoclaves.
  • Integra™ Miltex® Cassettes are general dental/surgical instrument cassettes indicated to hold instruments and accessories in place during storage and the sterilization cycle.
  • Suitable for gravity steam and pre-vacuum steam, the cassettes are intended to be used in conjunction with sterilization wrap in order to maintain sterility.
  • Integra™ Miltex® Veterinary Eye Cassette is available in 6 3/32" x 611/16" x 11/8" Size.


  • Integra™ Miltex® Cassettes may be used in dental, surgical or veterinary procedures.
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