Topex® Topical Anesthetic Gel Mint (Rx) Sultan Healthcare AD31002

Item Number: AD31002
Packaging: 1 oz.
Manufacturer: Sultan Healthcare
Item Discontinued.

Features & Benefits:

  • Topex® Topical Anesthetic Gel, 20% Benzocaine is the world's best-selling, fast acting Topical Anesthetic.
  • It can also be used to comfort patients with ulcers, wounds and other minor mouth irritations and eliminates the gag reflex when performing radiographs, periodontal, and prosthetic impressions.
  • No bitter aftertaste, stays active with minimal wash away.
  • Quick on-set, delivers maximum strength 20% Benzocaine for fast, temporary pain relief.
  • Excellent for use in many procedures:
    • Local anesthetic injections.
    • Periodontal curettage.
    • Impression taking.
    • Intra-oral radiographs.
    • Scaling.
    • root planning.
    • Prophylaxis.
  • It is available in Mint flavor, 1 oz Gel.


  • Ideal for use in dental procedures or wounds and minor mouth irritations.
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