Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material, Light Body Regular Set, 10/bx, 4 bx/cs Mydent Defend VP-9003

Item Number: VP-9003
Packaging: bx
Manufacturer: Mydent International

Features & Benefits:

  • Super Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material (VPS) is a High performance (H.P) cartridge system available in regular and fast set.
  • All viscosities are available.
  • Exceeds ISO 4380 standard which will help eliminate retakes.
  • Works Better: Contains wetting agents that enhance the hydrophilic properties during impression taking that allow the material to displace moisture, resulting in extremely accurate impressions.
  • Lasts Longer: Excellent tear strength, will not deform or cause tissue inflammation allowing you to concentrate on taking the perfect impression.
  • Costs Less: The superior formula saves on "re-takes" and is still about half the cost of the leading competitor.
  • Light Regular Set include 4 Cartridge per box.
  • Available in Yellow color.


  • Used for dental and gingiva impressions that enable a dentist to capture highly accurate impressions that resist distortion and tearing when being removed.
  • VPS impressions allow for better fitting restorations.


  • Why isn't the material setting?

    This is often caused by not bleeding the material before inserting the tip, resulting in an improper mix to come out of the gun.

  • Is it Gluten free?


  • Will temperature affect the set time for the material?

    Yes. Heat accelerates the set time and cold slows down the set time.

  • What color is it?
    • Light Body - Yellow
    • Medium Body - Buff
    • Monophase Body - Purple
    • Heavy Body - Rose
    • Putty - DK Blue
  • Do you need to bleed the cartridge?

    Yes, prior to attaching to the mixing tip.

  • How long does it take to set?
    • Light Body – 1:00 set time.
    • Medium Body – 1:00 set time.
    • Monophase Body – 1:00 set time.
    • Heavy Body – 1:00 set time.
    • Putty – 2:00 set time.
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