Soft Tissue Splitter Steigmann, Smooth Handle Hu-Friedy TKSTEIG

Item Number: TKSTEIG
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Hu-Friedy

Features & Benefits:

  • Soft Tissue Splitter Steigmann Smooth Handle features,
  • Separating epithelium from underlying connective tissue.
  • Splitting soft tissue for free gingival grafts and connective tissue grafts.
  • Spade shaped working ends for delicate separation of layers of soft tissue.
  • Large diameter Satin SteelÎÂ handle for increased comfort and control.
  • Handcrafted with surgical grade stainless steel for longevity and corrosion resistance.
  • Used for separating mucosa from underlying periosteum.
  • The kit is designed to split soft tissue. The soft tissue splitters allow the separation of different layers of soft tissue necessary in different surgical goals.
  • Mucosa is flexible. By separating mucosa from the underlying periosteum the flap becomes flexible and allows tension free closing of the flap in conjunction with bone graft (horizontal and vertical).
  • Prepare a full mucoperiosteal flap up to the MGJ (mucogingival juntion), then starting at the MGJ start splitting the periosteum only (0.2-0.5 mm with the first instrument TKSTEIG2) from the inside of the flap with side moves (MD).
  • Separating mucosa from the underlying periosteum with the second instrument (TKSTEIG) after initial periosteal incision. The moves are sideways (MD) keeping the instrument parallel to the bone surface.
  • Separated epithelium from underlying mucosa for FGG (free gingival graft)
  • The separation technique is made in a structured way with the use of instruments in a determinate sequence.
  • This allows for split thickness - “mucosal detachment“ even in cases of thin biotype:
    • Ability to fix flap to optimal position with the help of periosteal sutures for APF.FGG
    • Preparation for “steipod“ by detaching the mucosa from the underlying periosteum.
    • Periodontal pocket elimination.
    • Thin marginal bone can be protected by periosteum - connective tissue site.


  • It is useful in periodontology, mucogingival surgery, plastic surgery and oral & maxillofacial surgery.
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