Shade Tint 1g Refill - Yellow SDI 7981414

Item Number: 7981414
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: SDI
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Features & Benefits:

  • Shade modification SDI's Tints and Masking Agents simulate a life like, natural tooth.
  • The natural tooth color is derived from the color saturated dentin in conjunction with light penetrating the translucent enamel and undergoing reflection, transmission and absorption.
  • The SDI Shade Modification system simply and quickly achieves optimum esthetics with paint on, single component, light cured liquid Tints and Masking Agents.
  • Shade Tint 1g Refill is available in Yellow color.
  • Low Viscosity: The ideal low viscosity allows for quick, easy and direct paint on application. The low viscosity resin eliminates the appearance of brush strokes and micron thin layers permit fine veneers.
  • Direct Application: The SDI Shade Modification system's syringe and bent tip delivery system facilitates controlled direct extrusion for faster procedures.
  • Masking Agents: SDI Masking Agents hide enamel anomalies and discolorations to achieve natural looking restorations.
  • Multiple Uses: Nine Tints and four Masking Agents ensure life like restorations are possible for even the most difficult restorative situations.
  • Tints: The chart is a resource guide for color choice. Mix shades using the layer technique to create customized color options.
  • Blue or Blue + Grey:
    • Incisal translucency.
    • Reduce brightness.
    • Cover fluorosis.
    • Hide hypocalcification.
  • Blue:
    • Cover tetracycline stains.
    • Simulate incisal translucency.
  • Yellow:
    • Cervical darkening.
    • Decrease brightness or increase intensity.
    • Cover bases.
  • Brown + Yellow:
    • Dark cervical areas.
    • Gingival highlights.
  • Brown:
    • Cracks.
    • Tobacco stains.
    • Dark grooves.
    • Check line.
    • Decrease brightness or increase color intensity.
  • Grey:
    • Reduce intensity of other shades.
    • Incisal translucency.
    • Tobacco stains.
  • Red:
    • Create gingival.
    • High smile line.
    • Neutralize green.
    • To eliminate bluish / grey of teeth stained by tetracycline.
  • Blue + Red:
    • Cover tetracycline stains.
  • Orange:
    • Cervical darkening.
    • Create cracks and dark stains.
    • Decrease brightness or increase color intensity.
  • White:
    • Create opacity and masking.
    • Mask dark background.
  • Clear:
    • Reduce intensity of tints.
    • Reduce opacity of masking agent.
  • Green:
    • To match porcelain with greenish cast.
  • Tooth Shades:
    • The selection of the appropriate Masking Agent, Tint and restorative material is controlled by the multichromatic nature of the tooth which consists of four color zones.
    • Cervical zone - Red, Yellow, Orange or Brown.
    • Body zone - Grey, Yellow, Universal.
    • Interproximal zone - Differing between patients.
    • Incisal zone - Grey, Blue.
    • Darker colors in gingival areas become lighter towards the incisal edge.


  • Indications:
    • Enamel.
    • Dentin.
    • Composite.
    • Compomer.
    • Porcelain.
    • Etched glass ionomer.
    • Metal.
    • Carbon posts.
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