Rapicide® High Level Disinfectant OPA 28 Test Strips, 50/btl, 2 btl/bx Crosstex ML020137

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Manufacturer: Crosstex
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Features & Benefits:

  • Rapicide™ OPA/28 High Level Disinfectant is,
    • SAFE Protects workers by limiting exposure to disinfectants. Low percentage of OPA and low vapor pressure.
    • FAST With a 10-minute high-level manual disinfection time it's faster than all other OPA HLD's in the U.S. healthcare market today. Fast manual disinfection time provides at least one extra disinfection cycle for every five instruments reprocessed.
    • EFFECTIVE Inactivates TB, HIV2, MRSA, VRE & Hepatitis. Maximum reuse period of 28 days.
    • EASY-TO-USE No mixing or activation required. Comes ready to use. 2 year unopened shelf life and 75 days once opened. Excellent Materials compatibility, non-corrosive to metal.
    • Innovative/Safe Formulation - Ready-to-use high-level disinfectant used to reprocess heat-sensitive semi-critical instruments with an active ingredient of 0.575% ortho-Phthalaldehyde (OPA)
    • Fast & Economical - High-level disinfection in just 10 minutes at room temperature - 68°F/20°C - with a reuse period of up to 28 days. Use only Rapicide Test Strips to verify MRC (minimum recommended concentration) prior to each use.
  • Color/Scent: Colorless/ Mild but distinctive scent.
  • RAPICIDE® OPA/28 Test Strips are designed for specific use with RAPICIDE OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant, and make measuring the concentration:
    • User friendly - strips feature a large, easy-to-read indicator pad.
    • Intuitive - color chart on bottle provides a pass/fail reference.
    • Fast - 3-second dip time and 90-second test strip read time.


  • For use with metals, plastics, elastomers and adhesives. Non-corrosive to metals.
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  • What can I do to increase the reuse life of my chemistry?

    Reusable chemistries are stressed and diluted by a number of factors that can cause the chemistry to quickly fall below the MRC, ultimately shortening the life of any reusable product. An important consideration in maximizing the reuse life of Rapicide OPA/28 for both manual and AER applications, is a thorough manual cleaning process aided by SANI ProZymeTM Enzymatic Detergent. In AER application, it’s also important to have annual AER Preventative Maintenance and to maintain a consistent chemistry temperature in the reservoir and basin. Rapicide OPA/28 is reusable for up to 28 days provided the MRC is verified to be above 0.35%.

  • Is Rapicide® OPA/28 compatible with my Automated Endoscope Reprocessor (AER)?

    Rapicide® OPA/28 has been validated for compatibility with the full line of MEDIVATORS® AERs supporting reusable chemistry. This includes the MEDIVATORS CER-1, CER-2, CER-OPTIMA, DSD-201 and SSD-102 models. Rapicide® OPA/28 is also available for manual High-Level Disinfection. For inquiries relating to the use of Rapicide® OPA/28 in other AER systems, please contact your AER manufacturer.

  • What is the proper way to change out my current chemistry to Rapicide® OPA/28?

    When using Rapicide® OPA/28 for manual application, triple-rinse the disinfectant basin with clean water and wipe down the interior of the basin with a lint free cloth to remove residual precipitate. Triple-rinse the basin a second time prior to filling with Rapicide® OPA/28. For use with an AER, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for use when changing out HLD chemistries. The AER manufacturer will have specific instructions relating to any needed programming changes and proper chemistry change procedure. Thorough rinsing of reservoirs, basins, and AER disinfectant lines is encouraged to prevent any incompatibility between chemistries.

  • What is the proper manual rinsing procedure to use with Rapicide® OPA/28?

    Best practice for manual rinsing would entail filling a basin with a large volume of fresh rinse water, and immersing the semi-critical device into the solution ensuring the inner channels and lumens of the instrument are thoroughly flushed with rinse water. The instrument should then be removed, and the basin emptied and refilled with fresh water. This process is repeated three times to ensure the OPA component is thoroughly removed from the device. It is not recommended to fill the basin with water while the instrument is present, as the splashing of the water as it hits the instrument could cause potentially harmful worker exposure.

  • What types of characteristics can I expect to see when using Rapicide® OPA/28?

    Rapicide® OPA/28 is manufactured using a special blend of surfactants which provide the extended 28 day reuse life. In addition to the longer reuse life, this proprietary blend results in increased stability and faster disinfection and rinsing times. Some foaming may occur during the disinfection cycle, but will dissipate during subsequent rinses and be gone at the end of the completed cycle. A purple tint designed to provide easier identification and differentiation from other clear liquids will also be noticed during reprocessing and will also be gone at the end of the completed cycle.

  • I have noticed a blue-grey staining on some of my instruments, what is causing this?

    Crosslinking chemistries, such as OPAs may leave behind a blue-grey staining on basins and instruments should they come into contact with residual proteins left behind during the pre-cleaning process. Should this reaction be experienced, review the efficacy of your pre-cleaning procedures and adjust as needed.

  • How often should I be testing the MRC level of Rapicide® OPA/28?

    It is recommended that the MRC of any High-Level Disinfectant be tested prior to each use to ensure the efficacy of the HLD process. HLD chemistries should be tested with the appropriate test strip to ensure the minimum effective concentration of the product is above levels needed to achieve high-level disinfection. NOTE: Only Rapicide OPA/28 Test Strips should be used to test the MRC of Rapicide® OPA/28 High Level Disinfectant.

  • Do I need to perform a Quality Test on the Rapicide® OPA/28 Test Strips?

    All lots of Rapicide® OPA/28 Test Strips are tested and certified for efficacy prior to shipment. Users can download the Certificates of Analysis for each lot of test strips used by visiting the following website: http://www.medivators.com/customer-support/certificates-analysis Facilities may also perform additional quality testing according to their facilities’ policy and procedure. Periodic testing ensures the test strips are being properly stored and consistently providing accurate MRC readings. A quality assurance protocol is outlined on the instructions for use provided with every box of Rapicide® OPA/28 Test Strips.

    I am noticing the need to add additional chemistry to my reservoirs after using Rapicide® OPA/28.

    AERs will naturally lose small volumes of HLD chemistry during each cycle performed. In a MEDIVATORS AER, customers can expect to lose approximately 20–30 ml of HLD chemistry during each cycle run due to normal equipment performance, drainage, and rinsing. It is expected that customers will need to top-off the HLD chemistry with an additional half-gallon of product every 60-70 cycles. The need to top off chemistry may not have been noticed with previous OPA products which are typically discarded and replaced prior to 70 cycles. Users experiencing the need to top-off chemistry with significantly higher volumes of chemical, or at more frequent intervals should contact their AER manufacturer to ensure proper function of the equipment.

  • Are there any contraindications for urological cystoscopes?

    OPA based disinfectants have been associated with anaphylactic reactions in bladder cancer patients undergoing repeated cystoscopies, and consequently, OPA is contraindicated for use with all urological instrumentation utilized for cystoscopy or any other urological procedures for patients with a history of bladder cancer.

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