ProTector® Needle Sheath Prop, Disposable, Heavyweight Paper, 2.5" x 3.25", 500/bx Certol International PNS500

Item Number: PNS500
Packaging: 500/bx
Manufacturer: Certol International
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Features & Benefits:

  • ProTector® Needle Sheath Prop is a disposable needle recapping device that securely holds disposable dental needle caps in a ready position.
  • A Disposable needle safety device intended to promote safe one-handed recapping - the technique recommended by OSHA and the CDC.
  • Reduces the possibility of accidental needle sticks.
  • Protects during disassembly and disposal.
  • Discourages leaving the needle unsheathed on the tray.
  • Autoclavable for one-time sterile tray set up.
  • Economical option promotes needle safety.
  • Available in 500 per box.
  • Meets CDC Guidelines:
    • CDC guidelines state "Use either a one-handed scoop technique or a mechanical device designed for holding the needle cap when recapping needles." Use of the Certol Pro Tector® Needle Sheath Prop is one way to meet CDC guidelines for preventing exposures to bloodborne pathogens.


  • Used to safely uncap and recap needles using a one-handed technique.
  • Intended for use when multiple injections are given from one syringe.
  • Ideal for dermatology and cosmetic procedures.
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Pro Tector Needle Sheath - How to Use


  • What is the Pro Tector Needle Sheath Prop and how is it used?

    This product is a disposable card that holds the needle cap of an anesthetic needle to facilitate safe one-handed recapping between injections or after injection is completed. Place the prop over the needle cap during assembly. Then when the cap is removed, the prop is already in place for one-handed recapping.

  • How does the Pro Tector Needle Sheath Prop meet recommendations for sharps safety?

    Pro Tector Needle Sheath Prop promotes the safe work practice of one-handed re-capping by holding the cap securely and providing a stable target. (Using the "scoop" technique may contaminate or bend the needle.) In addition, the Pro Tector Needle Sheath Prop provides protection during injections by keeping the hand behind a barrier when removing the cap and during disassembly in case the cap is accidently dislodged from the needle.

  • Can the Needle Sheath Prop be autoclaved?

    Yes. If using Needle Sheath Props for a sterile surgery set-up, place the prop in the surgery pack with other disposables and instruments, wrap and sterilize as usual. The Needle Sheath Prop is designed for single use. Do not autoclave for re-use.

  • Do Pro Tector Infectious Waste Bags meet state specifications for non-sharps biomedical waste disposal bags?

    Yes, they meet the stringent criteria for New York and Florida "red bag" regulations. They are red, bear the standard biohazard symbol, include "infectious waste" text in both English and Spanish, are free of polychlorinated filler plastics and meet or exceed ASTM D-1709 and ASTM D-1922 tear and impact resistance standards: Impact resistance of 165 grams; tear resistance of 480 grams in both parallel and perpendicular planes with respect to the length of the bag.

  • Can Pro Tector Infectious Waste Bags be used for sharps disposal?

    No, sharps must be collected in rigid, puncture-proof containers.

  • Can Pro Tector Infectious Waste Bags be autoclaved?

    No, they will melt.

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