ProEdge Flo Waterline Mail-in Test Kit with 8 Specimen Vial 70801

Item Number: 70801
Packaging: kit
Manufacturer: ProEdge Dental
Item Discontinued.

Features & Benefits:

  • The Flo™ Dental Unit Waterline Testing Service Kit provides you the fastest and most accurate analysis available to verify CDC compliance with the ≤500 CFU/mL standard for safe water.
  • Fast Results: Flo provides same-day test results – the fastest mail-in laboratory test.
  • Most Advanced: Flo uses a testing method called Flow Cytometry, providing the most accurate water testing analysis available.
  • 3rd Party Verification: Flo provides 3rd party validation of CDC compliance.
  • Complete: Everything you need for effective dental unit water-line testing.
  • The Flo™ test utilizes Flow Cytometry analysis measuring the absolute cell count of bacteria within the water sample for the most accurate water test possible.
  • This Kit includes mailer kit, lab service, 8 specimen vials.
  • The Flo Testing Method: Flow Cytometry:

  • With over 30% of treated waterlines failing to meet the CDC guideline for safe water (≤500 CFU/mL), your practice needs to know the water it uses is safe now, not a week from now.
  • The lab that is trusted more than any other brings you Flo™ with same-day test results.
  • Unlike traditional testing methods, Flo™ requires no incubation time. Instead, Flo™ utilizes the most advanced dental water testing technology available, flow cytometry (FCM).
  • FCM is a technique used to detect and measure chemical characteristics of cells. Instead of the slow process of growing bacteria under precise conditions, the Lab Team @ ProEdge is able to utilize laser technology to identify and survey thousands of unique cells within a water sample in only seconds. This is why with Flo, your test results can be provided the same day they arrive at ProEdge.
  • The Flo Testing Process:

  • Take a water sample from desired source.
  • Package & ship overnight to proedge.
  • Proedge processes samples using flow cytometer.
  • Results report emailed same day.
  • Complimentary consultation with water safety specialist.
  • Testing Instructions:

  • PREP:
    • Before beginning to take water samples, place your ice pack in the freezer for 3 hours or until completely frozen. Then begin filling out the test submission form, starting with your practice information and protocol information. These and all sections of the form need to be filled out completely each time you test in order for your test to be processed.
    • Using aseptic technique, fill sample vials to approximately 3/4 full and close the cap tightly. Match the number on the vial with the corresponding vial number on the submission form. Designate the operatory/unit location, circle the location(s) of the sample, and note whether it is Dr. Side or Assistant Side.
    • Place the frozen ice pack and all of the water samples in the nylon pouch. Place the nylon pouch and the submission form in the insulated silver mailer. With all components included, place the mailer into the FedEx Clinical Pak. Remove adhesive backing and tightly seal the FedEx Clinical Pak. Your overnight shipping label is prepaid and already placed on your Clinical Pak.
  • SHIP:
    • Your shipping label is already on the front of your FedEx Clinical Pak - you don't need to pay for shipping! Now that you're ready to go, you can ship overnight to ProEdge two ways: Call 1-800-GO-FEDEX or visit to schedule a FedEx pickup at your office. Or Deliver to a FedEx drop box by 3:00pm or to any FedEx shipping location, including Walgreens.


  • For dental unit waterline testing.
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Dental Waterline Testing with Flo™


  • How Often Should My Office Test its Water Quality?

    The Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention (OSAP) recommends the following guidelines for dental practices in waterline testing to ensure the CDC compliance of dental unit water quality at or below 500 CFU/mL:

    Test your waterlines every month. Once passing results are achieved in consecutive months, test quarterly at a minimum. If there is a failure, retest your waterlines after corrective action takes place. Test routinely, even when dental unit or dental treatment product manufacturer instructions provide unclear or absent testing recommendations.

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