Posey Seizure Side Rail Pads, Fits Stryker Beds S3 Beds, 4/set TIDI 5766

Item Number: 5766
Packaging: st
Manufacturer: Tidi Products

Features & Benefits:

  • Posey Seizure Side Rail Pads are form fitted to fit snugly over the existing bed side rails with a 1" (3 cm) layer of medium density foam to help safeguard against accidental patient injury.
  • The outer shell is constructed from lightweight sheer nylon denier to help prevent patient "rub" burns and allows unobstructed movement of the side rails to the lowered position.
  • The nylon cover is backed with a urethane waterproof coating that easily wipes clean with liquid disinfectant.
  • Open windows in upper section allow for easy access to controls on most bed models.
  • Helps minimize accidental patient injuries resulting from striking bed side rails.
  • Contour fitted design features 1" (3 cm) medium density foam.
  • Easily attaches with hook-and-loop fasteners.
  • Sheer nylon outer shell helps prevent patient skin "rub" burns.
  • Allows unobstructed lowering of side rails without removal.
  • Wipe-clean, waterproof covers.
  • Openings available on certain models for easy access to bed controls.
  • Navy Blue.
  • Fits Stryker® S3™ Beds.
  • Right/Left Upper: 36" L x 11" H x 1" D (91 cm x 28 cm x 3 cm).
  • Right/Left Lower: 31" L x 11" H x 1" D (79 cm x 28 cm x 3 cm).
  • Number of Pads: 4.
  • Direction:
  • Inspect product set prior to use. Do not use soiled or damaged products.
  • Identify each of the components in the set. Each pad has sewn-in tags, identifying its intended location from the perspective of lying down in the bed.
  • Place each of the pads onto the proper side rail and shift it into position.
  • Securely fasten all the hook-and-loop fasteners along the edges of each pad. Some pads may have additional hook-and-loop fasteners in their mid-sections.
  • Lower each of the side rails to check clearances. Note that there may be some resistance as the rails are completely lowered. This should be expected as there are close manufacturing tolerances between the bed and the side rail. The shear nylon covers are chosen to minimize any potential binding.
  • Check for proper fit. Modified beds may not be compatible with Posey Seizure Side Rail Pads.


  • Used for patients at risk for injury.
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