Posey PRO-heeLx Heel Protector, Large, Fits Men's Shoe Size 12+ TIDI 6218L

Item Number: 6218L
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Tidi Products

Features & Benefits:

  • The POSEY® PRO-HEELX® Heel Protector offloads patient heels for the prevention or treatment of heel pressure injuries.
  • Designed to float the heels above the bed surface and helps protect against heel pressure injuries.
  • Durable straps help with foot drop functionality.
  • 2" heel lift helps isolate the heel and the large opening helps ensure adequate ventilation and cooling of the heel and eases patient monitoring.
  • Machine washable and available in three sizes to customize fit any patient type.
  • The outer fabric is made of breathable nylon, allowing moisture and heat to migrate away from the foot.
  • Ortho-Wick™ inner-liner material for moisture management and patient care and comfort.
  • Continuous 2" (5 cm) heel suspension, which helps provide maximum heel ulcer prevention or treatment for your patient.
  • Ortho-Wick™ inner liner material for moisture management and patient care and comfort.
  • Four easily adjustable durable straps and reinforced padded sides reduce the risk of foot drop.
  • Posey quality construction allows the PRO-heeLx to be laundered and it will maintain its shape and resiliency.
  • Optional stabilizer wedge (6219) is available to help prevent lateral foot and leg rotation.
  • Meets CA #117, Section E Flame Retardancy Standards.
  • Available in Large size, Women's Shoe Sizes: N/A, Men's Shoe Sizes: 12+.
  • Direction:
  • Record the patient's name on the ID label.
  • Release all hook and loop closures.
  • Gently lower the patient's foot into the protector.
  • Attach the calf straps to the opposing side. The straps should be applied securely to ensure that the protector cannot be easily removed from the patient's lower leg.
  • For foot drop control, criss-cross the upper straps over the patient's foot and secure them to the top and sides of the protector or down the side.
  • Use two fingers to ensure there is adequate clearance between the straps and the patient's foot, and that they are not overtightened.
  • Place fingers through the heel opening to ensure that the heel is properly isolated. Adjust straps if necessary.
  • Securely attach hook side of the wedge to either side of the PRO-heeLx to prevent lateral foot and leg rotation.


  • Patients at risk for heel pressure injuries, skin breakdown, and/or friction burns.
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