Posey KeepSafe Deluxe with Nurse Call Connection, AC Power, (1) Sensor Port TIDI 8374

Item Number: 8374
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Manufacturer: Tidi Products
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Features & Benefits:

  • The Posey Keep Safe Deluxe is an important part of your falls management protocols.
  • Ensure all parts of this system are operational before leaving a patient unattended.
  • The POSEY® Keep Safe® Deluxe is a restraint-free addition to your falls management program.
  • The Keep Safe Deluxe provides an early warning when a patient attempts to rise and removes pressure from the sensor.
  • This system does not prevent falls or injury from falls and is not a substitute for patient care, caregiver attention, and a comprehensive falls management protocol in your facility.
  • Components: Includes Control Unit with power switch, 4 AAA batteries, wire bracket, wall/wheelchair bracket, and saddle bracket.
  • It is Lightweight compact fall alarm.
  • Compatible with all Posey sensors.
  • Five alarm tones.
  • Battery operated with 4 AAA batteries (included).
  • Over-molded impact absorbing case.
  • SUSPEND allows extra time for administering care without alarm activation.
  • HOLD function pauses monitoring for 30 seconds to provide care to the patient.
  • Nurse call interface.
  • Five alarm tones. There are five different alarm tone options which can be used in different patient rooms, or to discern between different caregivers or levels of fall risk for easy patient identification.
  • Three alarm modes. Three alarm modes allow for facility or alarm choices regarding caregiver notification in the event the alarm is triggered. The alarm modes are "Voice and Tone," "Tone Only" and "Voice Only."
  • High and low volume settings. Two alarm volume settings allow for facility or alarm choices regarding caregiver notification in the event the alarm is triggered. The volume options are low and high.
  • Hold/Suspend Button. Allows you to remove a patient from a bed or chair without the need to turn off the alarm (e.g., for therapy, toileting or socializing). Alarm will resume monitoring when patient returns to the sensor pad.
  • Sensor monitoring. This alarm connects to any Posey sensor pad, including chair, toilet, commode, stretcher, over-mattress, and chair belt sensors. Over-mattress sensors work with most institutional mattress styles and mattress overlays. Alarm activates when weight is removed from sensor pad, or when chair belt sensor is unfastened.
  • Nurse Call Interface. Provides dual alarm notice at patient's room and nursing station. Order Cat. #8282 (nurse call cable) for nurse call interface, or nurse call adapter system, if needed.
  • Failsafe sensor alarm. The Posey Keep Safe Deluxe activates if the alarm is on and a sensor cord is removed from the alarm.
  • Battery operated. The alarm uses four (4) "AAA" alkaline batteries.
  • Audible low battery warning. Alarm "chirps" about every 15 seconds when batteries need changing. This sound is different than any of the alarm tones and easily alerts caregivers of the need to change batteries.
  • DC Jack. For AC connection.
  • AC Adapter. The Keep Safe Deluxe 8374AC enables users to operate on AC electrical power. (To obtain the AC adapter with the 8374 alarm, order the 8374AC.)
  • Impact resistant cover. Helps minimize damage if dropped.


  • Alerts staff to attempted bed, chair, or toilet seat exits by high fall risk patients.
  • Patients with diminished cognitive or mobility skills.
  • Patients receiving medications that may cause disorientation, drowsiness, dizziness, or frequent urination.
  • Patients (new or existing) with a history of falls, or who are assessed to be at risk of falling based on your selected fall-risk assessment.
  • Patients who are restless or prone to get up in the middle of the night.
  • Patients who require mandatory bed rest.
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