Posey Horseshoe Wedge, Universal, 38" W x 15" L x 17" H TIDI 5730

Item Number: 5730-1
Manufacturer: Tidi Products
Item Discontinued.
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Features & Benefits:

  • POSEY┬« Horseshoe Wedges Universal help protect patients from injury by helping close the gaps around the headboard/footboard of the mattress and by cushioning the side rails and headboard/footboard.
  • They may also help deter the patient's release of restraints. Each Horseshoe Wedge attaches with hook-and-loop and quick-release straps and is made of durable, medium density foam and covered in soft, water repellent vinyl.
  • Helps protect patients from entrapment between the mattress and the headboard and/or footboard, and between the mattress and the ends of side rails.
  • Sewn-in zippers allow integration of Posey Side Rail Wedges or Bed Bumpers to form expanded bed perimeter coverage.
  • Under-mattress flaps and hook-and-loop straps secure wedge in place.
  • Made of soft foam and covered in wipe-clean vinyl.
  • Style: Universal.
  • Width: 38" (97 cm).
  • Side Length: 15" (38 cm).
  • Height: Total: 17" (43 cm).
  • Height: Opening to Top: 11" (28 cm).
  • Direction:
  • Inspect product prior to use. DO NOT use soiled or damaged products.
  • Lower the bed side rails.
  • Unfasten all hook-and-loop and quick-release buckles and unfold the Horseshoe Wedge.
  • Position the Horseshoe on the inside of the head/footboard so that the wedge fits snugly between the mattress and the side rail.
  • Tuck the end "tuck flap" under the mattress.
  • Feed the bottom attachment straps around the bottom of the bed footboard and the top straps over the top of the board. Connect the quick-release buckles and pull the straps to tighten.
  • Wrap one wing of the wedge around the mattress and tuck the side "tuck flap" under the mattress.
  • Raise one of the side rails. Thread the attachment strap through the side rail and attach it back onto itself.
  • Repeat on other side.
  • Check for proper fit. Modified beds may not bed compatible with Posey Horseshoe Wedges.


  • Patients at risk for bed entrapment and/or injury; patients prone to unassisted bed exit.
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