Posey Deluxe Podus Boot, Medium-Large, Calf Circ: 15-18", Foot Circ: 9-14" TIDI 6147ML

Item Number: 6147ML
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Tidi Products

Features & Benefits:

  • The POSEY® Deluxe Podus Boot is designed as a multi-purpose foot boot to help in the healing and prevention of heel and toe ulcers and safeguards against foot drop.
  • Heel guards help isolate the heel to help protect against pressure injuries.
  • Large heel cavity helps keep heel isolated and free from pressure.
  • Polymer splint can accommodate up to 45-degrees of plantar flexion.
  • Machine washable liners made from moisture absorbing Ortho-Wick™ to help keep skin dry.
  • Detachable toe post securely held in place by two mounting points.
  • The anti-rotation bar locks in place and easily stores when not in use.
  • The optional ambulation sole easily attaches without tools.
  • Size: Medium/Large.
  • Fits Calf Cir.: 15" to 18" (38 cm x 46 cm).
  • Fits Foot Cir.: 9" to 14" (23 cm x 36 cm).
  • Direction:
  • Open all hook and loop closures.
  • With the patient lying on their back, bend the knee so the bottom of the foot is resting on the bed surface. This will allow the weight of the leg to hold the foot in the splint. If the patient has contractures or experiences discomfort, do not force the knee or hip joint and place the patient in a comfortable position.
  • Raise the leg and place the opened Podus Boot under the foot. Carefully position the foot down into the splint. The sole of the foot must be flat against the liner of the splint. The back of the leg at the calf area must fit snugly against the top and back of the splint for a proper fit.
  • Ensure that the heel is completely suspended in the open curve of the splint and that the foot is flat against the liner of the splint.
  • Secure ankle and foot closures by attaching hook and loop. Insert two fingers to ensure it is not too tight.
  • Verify that a finger can be inserted between the heel and the splint for adequate heel clearance.
  • For additional stabilization of the ankle, optional item #6149 can be used.


  • Patients at risk for plantar flexion contracture, foot drop, hip rotation, and decubitus heel ulcers.
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