Posey Bed Soft Rails Double Bolster, Vinyl Cover, 33" L x 33" W TIDI 5716SC

Item Number: 5716SC
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Tidi Products

Features & Benefits:

  • Posey Bed Soft Rails Double Bolster Vinyl Cover are a safe alternative to side rails and help prevent patients at risk for falls from rolling out of bed, while allowing sufficient space for patient comfort.
  • The adjustable bolster may be repositioned to accommodate individual resident needs, or may be completely removed.
  • The Posey Soft Rails easily attach to the bed with quick-release buckles and are available in machine washable brushed polyester, or wipe clean vinyl covers.
  • Side rail alternative to help protect lucid patients from falling out of bed.
  • Repositionable bolster attaches with hook-and-loop for individual positioning and is easily removed for patient transfer.
  • Available in machine washable brushed polyester or wipe clean vinyl.
  • Replacement covers available.
  • Soft, durable foam bolsters help deter unassisted bed exit, and reduce the risk of rolling out of bed.
  • Removable/adjustable bolster increases the ease of patient bed exit. Also acts as a positioning device to increase patient comfort.
  • Quick-release buckles allow for easy attachment to the bed.
  • 33" (84 cm) length helps guard against rolling out of bed, without restricting bed exit.
  • 17" (43 cm) width between bolsters provides a comfortable sleeping area without restricting patient.
  • Foundation measures 33" L x 33" W (84 cm x 84 cm) and will fit on top of a standard twin and hospital style bed.
  • Individual bolsters are 33" L x 8" W x 8" H (84 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm).
  • Attachment straps are 35" (89 cm) long.
  • Meets CA #117, Section E Flame Retardancy Standards.
  • Direction:
  • Inspect product prior to use. DO NOT use soiled or damaged products.
  • Orient the Posey Soft Rails so that the removable bolster is on the "bed exit" side of the mattress. Place the Posey Soft Rails on top of the mattress with quick-release buckles away from the resident. The Posey Soft Rails should be positioned approximately 18" (46 cm) from the headboard.
  • Wrap the quick-release straps once around the movable part of the bed frame and secure the buckles.
  • To remove the adjustable bolster, simply pull up to detach from the foundation.
  • To reattach the bolster, press down firmly to connect the hook-and loop.


  • Patients prone to unassisted bed exit and/or falling out of bed.
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