Posey Bed Sensor Pad, Single Patient Use, 12" W x 120" L, 30-Days, 8ft Cord TIDI 8283

Item Number: 8283-1
Manufacturer: Tidi Products
Item Discontinued.
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Features & Benefits:

  • The POSEY® 30-Day Over Mattress Bed Sensor, in conjunction with a Posey Alarm, is an important part of your falls management protocols.
  • Ensure all parts of this system are operational before leaving a patient unattended.
  • This system does not prevent falls or injury from falls and is not a substitute for patient care, caregiver attention, and a comprehensive falls management protocol in your facility.
  • Single patient Use.
  • Use over mattress for patient stays less than 30 days.
  • Cord is 96" (244 cm) long.
  • Compatible with Sitter Elite®, Keep Safe® Deluxe, Keep Safe®, and Sitter Select® alarms.
  • Direction:
  • Check that sensor pad, cord and plug are clean and undamaged.
  • Choose a position for sensor pad: (A) Centered at patient's shoulder blades; or (B) Centered under patient's buttocks.
  • Place non-slip Posey Grip on mattress at area chosen for sensor pad. Place sensor pad over Posey Grip, across width of bed.
  • Use metal clips to secure sensor pad to mattress.
  • Place bottom sheet over sensor pad.
  • If needed, use an incontinence pad to protect sensor pad from urine or other liquids. Sensor pad may fail if liquid enters at "neck" of sensor pad.
  • Route the sensor pad cord to the alarm. Check that the sensor pad cord is not stressed, is clear of moving parts of bed, and does not pose a tripping hazard.
  • Insert plug into sensor input on the side of alarm.
  • Test sensor pad and alarm (see Testing Alarm and Sensor Pad).


  • Used for patients at risk for falls.
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