Posey Bed Cradle and Foot Support, 36" L x 21 1/2" H TIDI 6430

Item Number: 6430
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Tidi Products
Item Discontinued.
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Features & Benefits:

  • Posey footcare products help reduce patient discomfort by minimizing friction and shearing, offering calf support, keeping sheets and blankets off of the patient's feet, and raising the heel to reduce the risk of pressure injuries.
  • Posey Bed Cradles help keep sheets and blankets off the patient's feet.
  • The sturdy steel frame securely clamps to the mattress and can be easily removed when changing bed sheets.
  • Four-piece stainless steel construction enables compact storage when not in use. Fits standard hospital or nursing home beds.
  • Optional cotton foot drop support cover secures with strap and is machine washable.
  • Uniform height cross bar (6430) keeps sheets at same height across bed width.
  • Raised mid-section (6435) offers extra height at the center of the bed.
  • Bed Cradle and Foot Support each sold separately.
  • The multi-piece, take-apart design reduces storage space.
  • Self-locking clamps lock the cradles in position on the mattress.
  • Designed to fit mattresses 35" to 37" (89 cm to 94 cm) wide. Not for use on air mattresses.
  • This device is designed for use in normal indoor environments. This device may be stored in ambient warehouse temperatures at normal humidity levels. Avoid excess moisture or high humidity that may damage product materials.
  • Available in Bed Cradle, standard bed, rectangular, 36" L x 21 1/2" H (91 cm x 55 cm).
  • Direction:
  • Be sure to follow your facility's policies and protocols regarding frequency of patient monitoring. Posey recommends following Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality guidelines for removing skin coverings at least every two hours to check skin integrity and circulation.
  • Raise the sliding "V" spring clamp and place the lower metal base under the mattress in the desired position.
  • Lower the spring clamp against the mattress to secure the bed cradle. Press the center of clamp down to lock. To release, press down on the inner ends of the clamp fingers.
  • Assemble upper rod support and insert into uprights.
  • Apply Posey Foot Support Cover (6436/6437) to the applicable bed cradle if so desired.
  • Laundering Instructions:
  • Covers:
    • These products can be machine washed under CDC guidelines for material soiled with blood or bodily fluid.
    • For non-contaminated material, use lower temperature wash and dry cycles to extend product life.
    • Fasten all buckles to reduce risk of damage during wash and dry cycles. DO NOT put buckles through extractors.
    • Inspect all buckles and metal parts after drying. Discard if damaged.
    Cleaning Instructions:
  • Metal Frames:
    • Wipe Clean with mild detergent. OSHA approved intermediate level disinfectants can be used per manufacturer instructions.
    • After cleaning, products must be rinsed with water to remove any residual chemicals.
    • Make sure products are completely dry before use.


  • Patients at risk for foot drop or toe ulcers.
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