Posey Bathroom Sensors, Bedside Patient Commode, 2" W x 4" L x 1/2" D TIDI 8333

Item Number: 8333
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Tidi Products

Features & Benefits:

  • The POSEY® 7-Day Bathroom Sensor Pad, in conjunction with a Posey Alarm, is an important part of your falls management protocol.
  • Ensure all parts of this system are operational before leaving a patient unattended.
  • This system does not prevent falls or injury from falls and is not a substitute for patient care, caregiver attention, and a comprehensive falls management protocol in your facility.
  • For use on commodes.
  • Compatible with the Posey Keep Safe® Deluxe, Keep Safe®, Sitter Elite®, and Sitter Select® alarms.
  • Helps monitor patients while toileting to alert staff of an unassisted toilet exit.
  • This device may not be suitable for all high fall-risk patients.
  • Never use a restraint on a patient during toileting with this product.
  • To prevent damage, never roll, fold, or crease sensor pad.
  • Never connect Posey sensor pads to other manufacturers' alarms.
  • Never connect Posey alarms to other manufacturers' sensor pads.
  • Direction:
  • Read all sensor pad and alarm instructions prior to use.
  • Check sensor pad, cord and plug for damage. Discard entire sensor pad if there is any damage.
  • Fill in expiration date on sensor pad.
  • Remove backing from adhesive patch.
  • Place sensor pad under the front center of the commode seat so that with the seat down, it rests on the top center of the bar at the front of the commode.
  • Press the sensor pad firmly against the commode seat for maximum contact.
  • Route the sensor pad cord to the Posey alarm and insert the plug. Check that sensor pad cord is not stressed.
  • Place the two cord clips with adhesive backing on the underside of the commode seat (on the right facing side) in order to secure the cord off the floor, prevent a tripping hazard and interference with lowering or lifting commode seat and removing bucket.
  • Make sure alarm is securely mounted on the rear upper cross bar of the commode before leaving patient alone. Alarm may also be mounted to wall closest to commode.
  • NOTE: Before using this sensor pad, a Posey Fall Alarm must be securely mounted near commode, out of the patient's reach.


  • For High fall risk patients unable to use in-room bathroom.
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