Posey Alarm KeepSafe Cadet with Magnet Plate TIDI 8323

Item Number: 8323
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Tidi Products
Item Discontinued.
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Features & Benefits:

  • Posey┬« Alarm Systems help reduce in-hospital patient falls and are an essential part of falls prevention.
  • It is an Economical way of monitoring high fall risk patients.
  • Magnet and pull-cord activation.
  • Adjustable cord (31" - 60" (79 cm - 152 cm) with locking clip.
  • Five alarm tones.
  • Adjustable volume with a sound-dampening plug.
  • Battery operated with 9-Volt battery (included).
  • Compatible with all Posey brackets.
  • The alarm may be set to alarm in one of five different tones.
  • This allows the caregiver to assign a specific c tone to an individual patient/resident.
  • The distinct alarm tone makes it easy to quickly identify which patient/resident requires immediate attention.
  • In addition, the choice of variable alarm tones allows the caregiver to select a tone that is unique from the other alarms in the facility. The Keep Safe Cadet features multiple bracket mounting options and it may be used with a wheelchair, geri-chair or bed.
  • Alarm Unit Features:
    • Green LED blinks to indicate unit is "ON."
    • Alarm volume approximately 95dB at one foot (1') from the alarm.
    • Low battery light and chirp indicates battery change needed.
    • A single 9-Volt battery provides up to 30 days of normal use.
    • Lightweight, 5.7 oz.
    • Compact size 3" x 4.44" x 1.59" (7.62 cm x 11.28 cm x 4.04 cm).
    • Power on self-test to verify unit is working properly.


  • Alerts staff to attempted bed, chair or toilet seat exits by high fall risk patients.
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