Posey Alarm Hook and Loop Belt Sensor TIDI 8372

Item Number: 8372
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Tidi Products

Features & Benefits:

  • POSEY® Hook-and-Loop Alarm Belt Sensors (Standard)are designed to provide the earliest possible warning that a patient is at immediate risk of falling.
  • Monitoring starts as soon the belt is fastened; the alarm activates the instant the belt is unfastened, before the patient can exit the chair.
  • Belts adjust from 21" to 44" (53 cm to 112 cm). Hook-and-Loop Belt, Long, adjusts up to 115" (292 cm).
  • Chair Belt Sensors are a non-invasive way to monitor patient movement.
  • However, these devices do not prevent falls and are not a substitute for good nursing care and regular visual monitoring.
  • For wheelchair or geri-chair use; can be easily transferred between chairs.
  • D-Ring attachment.
  • Compatible with the Posey Keep Safe® Deluxe, Keep Safe®, Sitter Elite®, and Sitter Select® alarms.
  • Need a gentle reminder to call for help before getting up.
  • Need an aid to hold hips in place and reduce the risk of forward sliding.
  • Direction:
  • Draw strap ends down under chair seat at a 45° angle.
  • Choose a site to attach straps at a juncture of the frame behind and under the seat, out of the patient's reach. Make sure straps cannot slide in any direction, or change angle or position .
  • Wrap each strap around its attachment point. Thread tail of each strap through both metal rings, then back over one ring and through the other metal ring. Pull straps until secure.
  • Position patient as far back on seat as possible, with buttocks against the back of the chair.
  • Draw straps across patient's hips at a 45° angle and fasten belt.
  • Mate hook and loop straps for snug fit. Pull YELLOW strap to unfasten.


  • Patients at risk for falls.
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