Piezotome Bone Surgery 2 Kit Acteon F87509

Item Number: F87509
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Acteon Group

Features & Benefits:

  • Piezotome Bone Surgery 2 Kit includes Tips - BS1-2, BS2L-2, BS2R-2I, BS4-2, BS5-2, BS6-2, Autoclavable Stand, Universal Wrench.
  • Thinness and security.
  • Bone Surgery™ (BS) tips are intended for bone block grafting as well as cutting, scraping and remodeling bone structures with no risk of soft tissue damage.
  • Contains six ultrasonic tips (three saws and three scalpels) adapted to different applications such as bone harvesting, crest expansion, preparation of the implant site and accessing the lower alveolar nerve.
  • These tips guarantee a fine, clean and effortless cut.
  • Osteotomy/Osteoplasty.
  • Clean and thin cut for maximal bone volume grafts.
  • Note: These tips will only work with the PIEZOTOME LED HP.


  • Used for cutting, excising and remodeling bone structures without any risk of soft tissue damage.
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