Permanent SSC Empty Tray Hu-Friedy SSC-PTRAY

Item Number: SSC-PTRAY
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Hu-Friedy

Features & Benefits:

  • Permanent SSC Empty Tray to house Hu-Friedy Permanent Molar Crowns.
  • Hu-Friedy's Stainless Steel Crowns are intended to provide full coverage, stronger, provisional treatment for primary molars and fill the need for long term provisional coverage on permanent molars.
  • To help minimize contouring and trimming, these stainless steel primary and permanent molar crowns are precrimped, prebelled and prefestooned.
  • All of Stainless Steel Crowns deliver all the features and benefits of Pedo Crowns.
  • These stainless steel primary and permanent molar crowns were developed to deliver consistent, accurate and predictable clinical outcomes, while allowing the practitioner to work more effectively and efficiently, ensuring more time for value-added services such as patient education and treatment planning.
  • More narrow mesial-distal maxillary first primary molar width for quicker adjacent crown placement.
  • Ideal wall height meaning less trimming and crimping.
  • Pre-trimmed, crimped and contoured surfaces for less time spent chairside.
  • Accurate occlusal anatomy mimicking the natural tooth.
  • Optimal occlusal thickness with superior resilience to abrasion and perforation.


  • Used to house Hu-Friedy permanent molar crowns.
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