Miltex Spray Lubrication, 8 oz Pump, 12/cs Miltex 3-700

Item Number: 3-700
Packaging: cs
Manufacturer: Integra Miltex

Features & Benefits:

  • Miltex Spray Lubrication is Pre-mixed, non silicone, anti corrosive formula.
  • Steam permeable and water soluble.
  • It is anticorrosive, nongreasy, and steam compatible as it helps to prevent spotting, staining and rusting of parts.
  • Helps prevent spotting, staining and rusting.
  • Lubricates instrument box locks, screw locks, scissor blades, and any other metal to metal moving parts.
  • Concentrated non-silicone lubricant and rust inhibitor.
  • Available in Liquid RTU form.
  • Miltex Spray Lubrication is available in 8 oz volume.


  • May be used on any moving parts after cleaning and before autoclaving.
  • Instrument Lubricant.
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