GSK Super Poligrip® Free Denture Adhesive Cream, 2.4 oz. Tube, 6/pkg, 4 pkg/cs (24 Tubes Total) 007204

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  • What are dentures?

    Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that replace your natural teeth when they're lost or removed. Your dentist creates the dentures, customizing them to your specific needs. They may recommend a particular type of denture based on the number of teeth that need to be replaced and where in the mouth the denture will need to go.

  • Will I be able to eat or speak like I used to?

    This is naturally one of the big concerns for new denture wearers and will affect people in different ways. Try not to worry if pronouncing certain words or eating certain foods is tricky at first; it just takes a bit of practice.

  • Are dentures made from a standard mold?

    Dentures are custom made using an impression of the jaw and mouth, so every set is different.

  • Once I've gotten my dentures, will they last forever?

    Dentures are pretty tough, but they're not indestructible and they are softer than natural teeth. A proper denture care routine will help keep them looking their best and your dental professional will advise you whenever the right moment for an adjustment will be.

  • Are dentures durable against scratches and nicks?

    Dentures are made of acrylic. The denture acrylic is much softer than your natural teeth, so do not use regular toothpaste on your dentures. Regular toothpaste often contains abrasives. These abrasives are ideal for cleaning your natural teeth but can scratch dentures. These scratches become places where bacteria can attach and grow, and bacteria can lead to denture odor. Use a soft denture brush or soft toothbrush. Unlike regular toothpaste, Polident tablets are non-abrasive.

  • What should I do if my dentures are loose?

    If your dentures feel loose, try using a denture adhesive to help keep them in place. If you're experiencing discomfort, schedule a visit with your dentist. Your gums and bone structure change over time, so you may need to have your dentures adjusted or replaced. Most sets should last 5 to 10 years.

  • What should I do if my dentures are broken?

    If your dentures don't fit properly or haven't been replaced in more than 5 to 10 years, they can chip or crack. As soon as you notice any damage, see your dentist. Do not try fixing your dentures at home as this can cause further damage.

  • How do I remove stains from my dentures?

    Brushing and soaking your dentures daily helps prevent permanent stains from developing and is key to maintaining good oral health. Be sure to use specially formulated denture cleansing tablets to clean them rather than toothpaste and bleach, which can scratch the denture surface and cause discoloration.

  • What is the difference between soaking dentures and brushing dentures?

    Brushing with a denture toothbrush will remove the plaque and food particles.

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