Glacier Syringe Refill, 1 x 4g, Enamel Shades, B1 Light SDI 7011112

Item Number: 7011112
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: SDI
Item Discontinued.

Features & Benefits:

  • Glacier is a Universal micro-hybrid composite with super low shrinkage.
  • Glacier 4g Syringe is available in Enamel B1 Shade.
  • Dental Advisor rating:
    • Glacier 91% approval rating. Consultants who used Glacier initially continued to use it and noted that it was as good as or better than the material they previously used. Nice esthetics.
  • Abrasive wear:
    • Glacier's wear resistance prevents loss of anatomic form. Glacier is extremely resistant to wear.
  • Mean particle size :
    • Glacier's particle size distribution, with a mean size of 0.7 microns, optimizes wear resistance and polishability for anterior and posterior restorations.
  • Significantly less shrinkage :
    • Glacier exhibits the lowest polymerization shrinkage of 1.5%.
    • Glacier utilises longer resin chains with fewer monomer links to reduce shrinkage.
    • Less links equate to less shrinkage. Lower shrinkage minimises sensitivity and microleakage.
    • An effective seal against microleakage decreases the potential for secondary caries development.
  • Compressive strength:
    • Glacier's optimum filler level maximises strength, and minimises wear and shrinkage.
    • Glacier's compressive strength of 375 MPa enhances longevity by withstanding mastication forces.
  • Bond strength:
    • Stae, a fluoride releasing single component bonding agent, exhibits uniform bonding to the tooth structure with no gaps or voids visible within the hybrid layer.


  • Glacier polishes to a smooth, natural lustre to your teeth in posterior preparation to ensure tight contacts.
  • Indications:
    • Anterior restorations.
    • Posterior restorations.
    • Veneers.
    • Inlays/Onlays.
    • Core build up.
    • Class I, II, III, IV, V.
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