Gemini Series, NSK/Kinetic Viper Standard Handpiece Johnson Promident G-VSPB

Item Number: G-VSPB
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Johnson Promident
Opened handpieces can not be returned.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gemini Series NSK/Kinetic handpieces offer exactly the same design and performance as the originals for a fraction of the price.
  • Gemini handpieces fit the coupling systems of the originals and offer complete interchangeability with the original handpieces, turbines, and component parts.
  • Ceramic bearings for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Bright dual beam fiber optics eliminate shadows.
  • Push button auto chuck with enhanced bur retention system.
  • 360Ā° Swivel to reduce fatigue and for convenient quick-click connection.
  • Mid-size head provides excellent balance of high torque and good intra-oral access.
  • Gemini Series NSK/Kinetic Viper Handpiece, Push Button Only is available in Non-Fiber Optic.


  • Handpiece is intended for use by dental professionals only. It is intended to be used intra- and extra-orally to cut, shape, grind, and polish teeth, or items related to teeth, and dental devices that may be in the mouth or to be placed in the mouth.
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