Face Shield, Elastic Headband, Clear, 7" 3/4 Length, Bulk, 72/cs Crosstex GCSSB

Item Number: GCSSB
Packaging: cs
Manufacturer: Crosstex
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Features & Benefits:

  • Face Shield Elastic Headband Clear provides increased level of protection. Featuring 7" and 9" lengths and 1 1/2" vented foam headband for increased airflow, foam headband "floats" lightly on forehead with no pressure on temples for added comfort; vented for increased air flow.
  • Anti-fog treated on inside and outside of shield to eliminate fogging. Shield protects mask and face from direct spatter and airborne particles.
  • Single-use minimizes cross-contamination.
  • Individual wrapping protects the integrity and cleanliness of each shield.
  • 1.5-inch vented foam headband holds shield away from face to improve airflow while exerting no pressure on temples.
  • Anti-fog treatment on both the inside and outside of the shield for optimum visibility.
  • High-quality, made-in-USA film offers maximum optical clarity.
  • Smooth, beveled edges for increased safety.
  • Clear, 7 3/4" Length Bulk.
  • Sonically welded elastic headband for added strength.
  • The central areas of the face are the most important areas for transmission of infection, and they're also the areas most vulnerable to contamination during certain procedures. Use layered PPE like glasses, masks and protective shields to safeguard your health.
  • Face shields do not replace the use of procedure appropriate face masks. Do not use a face shield without a face mask during aerosol procedures.


  • Use Crosstex Face Shields during procedures likely to generate splashes, splatter or aerosols.
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