Disposable Bib Holders, 250/bx Mydent Defend PB-8500

Item Number: PB-8500
Packaging: bx
Manufacturer: Mydent International

Features & Benefits:

  • Disposable (Paper) Bib Holders are stretch to fit, self-adhesive ends.
  • Disposable Bib Holders have no sharp edges or cold chain.
  • By using the disposable bib holders, you will never have to clean or disinfect a bib chain again and you will avoid the risk of built-up contaminants on bib chains.
  • The adhesive ends easily attach to any bib and stretches to a comfortable fir for every patient without discomfort from sharp edges or cold chains.
  • Works Better: The woven-cloth bib holder is easier to use and more comfortable for the patient than traditional bib chains.
  • Lasts Longer: The specially designed material is super strong while maintaining maximum flexibility for comfort.
  • Costs Less: Compare to other "non-chain" bib holders for pricing and when you add in the time savings of a true disposable you have a winner on your hands.
  • Available in 250 per box.


  • Use a brand new disposable bib holder for each new disposable bib and patient.
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