Dentapen Kit Septodont 01N6000

Item Number: 01N6000
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Manufacturer: Septodont Dental

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Features & Benefits:

  • Dentapen Kit is Ergonomic and lightweight (1.4 ounces / 40 grams).
  • Effortless Injection That matches your preferences. Compatible with the needle of your choice. Standard syringe grip or Nerve block finger grip.
  • Two different handles allow you to hold like a traditional syringe or pen-style.
  • Cordless and battery-operated without a foot pedal or console.
  • 3 injection speeds for better management of your injections.
  • 2 modes (continuous flow or gradual increase).
  • Uses standard needles and cartridges.
  • Battery operated.
  • Automatic aspiration.
  • Pressure sensor.
  • Beyond injection: Dentapen, the new generation of powered injector for Dental Anesthesia
  • Matches your patients' preferences: constant flow to reduce pain, non-threatening look.
  • Matches your needs: comfort and reproducibility of your injections all-day-long.
  • Matches your habits: no training, both syringe and pen-like handling, compatible with any needle.
  • A study conducted on dentists demonstrated a marked reduction in pain perception for injections using a CCLAD system.
  • 96% of dentists tested received a palatal injection, and preferred the electronic syringe over the manual one.
  • Pain was reduced when compared to a standard manual syringe.
  • 5 Intuitive Buttons: Activation - automatic self-aspiration, On / Off - with battery level indicator, Mode Selection - 1. intraligamentary mode: the slowest speed with maximum force. 2. ramp-up mode: anesthesia flow increases gradually and constantly. Rewind Retraction - return to the initial position and insert the next cartridge.
  • PRACTICAL Focus your attention on the injection. No cord - minimizes pressure on hand and needle, No console - space saving, No foot activation - focus attention on the injection.


  • Routine Administration of local dental anesthetics.
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