Challenger Series, Standard Fiber Optic Operatory Pkg Johnson Promident CH-LS3XPKG

Item Number: CH-LS3XPKG
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Johnson Promident
Opened handpieces can not be returned.

Features & Benefits:

  • Challenger Series Standard Fiber Optics Operatory can Dramatically Change the Way Dentistry is Done.
  • Shines light directly on the preparation, improving visibility tremendously.
  • Reduces operator stress and fatigue.
  • Results in better dentistry for the patient.
  • High Quality Handpiece Optics.
  • Uses state-of-the-art ultra high pressure (UHP) Krypton- Halogen bulbs to ensure the highest light output and longest life.
  • Extraordinary brilliance results in maximum light transmission to the clinical working area.
  • Convenient Fiber Optic Light Source Unit.
  • Comes complete - no other parts needed.
  • Has a convenient external connection that does not require internal access and uses existing tubing. You can even turn 2-hole tubing into a fiber optic setup.
  • Just plug it in - no tools or technician required! Fiber optics in less than 5 minutes!
  • Slim, lightweight design.
  • Mounts on any flat surface.
  • Light source unit comes complete with fiber optic tubing, power source, transformer, air switch, and bulb module.
  • Standard Fiber Optic Operatory Package include 3 handpieces and light.


  • Intended for use by dental professionals only. It is intended to be used intra- and extra-orally to cut, shape, grind, and polish teeth, or items related to teeth, and dental devices that may be in the mouth or to be placed in the mouth.
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