CareMaster Automatic Handpiece Maintenance System, 2 Turbines & 1 E-Type, 110V-220V Beyes HPL2010

Item Number: HPL2010
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Beyes Dental Canada Inc.

Features & Benefits:

  • CareMaster Automatic Handpieces are among the most significant investments in the dental office.
  • It is crucial to maintain their effectiveness, so the practitioner can continue to have the cutting efficiency and durability needed. CareMaster is the solution for dynamic clinical needs.
  • Maximize the lifespan of your handpieces.
  • Economical, efficient and time-saving.
  • Filtered air is used to rotate the handpieces for safety.
  • Provides care for all handpiece brands.
  • Disposable mist filtration system.
  • Solution level indicator.
  • Detachable door for easy cleaning.
  • Easy replenishment of solution tank.
  • Consistent and extremely efficient maintenance of up to 3 handpieces per cycle.
  • Individual controlled
    • S : Short Cycle for High Speed Handpieces (Approx. 35 seconds)
    • L : Long Cycle for Low Speed Handpieces (Approx. 45 seconds)
    • E : Extra Long Cycle for Speed Reduction Handpieces (Approx. 50 seconds)
  • No Mess - Spray mist is generally absorbed within the disposable filter sponges that are easily exchanged.
  • Air Regulator - Built-in air regulator to ensure proper maintenance.
  • Model : CareMaster, 1 E-type attachment , 2 Highspeed Handpieces.
  • Three handpieces can be cleaned and lubricated Simultaneously whilst keeping your hand clean.
  • CareMaster's E-type Connector effectively and efficiently cleans and lubricates contra angle handpieces and straight handpieces.
  • Pressing the air button can purge excess oil from the handpiece/turbine after lubrication and cleaning cycle.
  • Select the lubrication and cleaning cycle time from short mode, long mode and extra long mode according to the handpiece.
  • The mist filters attached behind the door keeps mist leakage to a minimum.


  • Rated Voltage : AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Input Power : 35W
  • Working Pressure : 0.35-0.40Mpa (3.5-4.0KGf/cm2)(50-60psi)
  • Capacity : 350ml
  • Dimension : 282 x 300 x 370 mm
  • Kit Content : CareMaster Unit, 1000ml CareMaster Solution Plus, Mist Filter Set (pack of 12 pieces), Oil Absorber Sheets (Pack of 20), Oil Replenish Funnel with Filter, Power Cord, Air Tube.


  • Help to perform uniform handpiece maintenance and lubrication.
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