BD ClipVac™ Presurgical Hair Removal System 5500E

Item Number: 5500E
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Manufacturer: Becton-Dickinson
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Features & Benefits:

  • The ClipVac™ presurgical hair removal system conveniently attaches to BD Surgical Clippers to create a complete presurgical hair removal system, eliminating the need for extra cleanup with messy tape or mitts.
  • BD surgical clippers with the ClipVac™ System A comprehensive solution for presurgical hair removal.
  • Surgical hair clipping waste: more than a mess, an infection risk:
    • Clipping hair before surgery isn't just messy—the loose hair can increase the potential risk of contamination to your patients.
    • Potentially contaminated hair on linens, wheels and the floor can migrate into the OR and elsewhere in the facility. Adhesive tapes, commonly used for hair cleanup, are not sterilized or kept under controlled conditions, and may become colonized with organisms and contribute to HAIs.
    • The same rolls are frequently used on multiple patients, often containing hair from previous patients. AORN guidelines recommend that body hair be removed when it may interfere with surgery, and that hair removal should limit particle dispersion.
  • Choose performance that's clear-cut:
    • The ClipVac™ System works together with BD surgical clippers to provide a comprehensive, one-step, presurgical hair removal system that saves valuable patient-prep time and may help reduce the risk of patient complications.
  • Surgical clippers and the ClipVac™ System: proven to enhance OR efficiency:
    • A recent study compared the removal of dispersed hair using standard surgical clippers with surgical tape vs clippers fitted with the ClipVac™ Hair Removal System.
    • Faster clipping and cleanup time: Using BD clippers with the ClipVac™ System resulted in an average of 40% faster clipping and cleanup time compared to clippers and adhesive tape.
    • Reduced contamination: Using clippers and the ClipVac™ System significantly reduced the amount of microbial contamination, by an average of 85%, compared to clipping and tape cleanup.
    • Less residual loose hair: Clipping with the ClipVac™ System was highly effective in reducing the dispersion of contaminated hair fibers within areas adjacent to the skin-prep site vs clipping followed by tape cleanup.
  • BDs durable, efficient clippers support patient preoperative hair removal in a single pass and minimize the risk of compromising the skin. This clippers remove more hair per second than competitors in internal laboratory tests, saving valuable OR patient-prep time.
  • Additionally, clippers provide:
    • A close cut while maintaining skin integrity.
    • A 40° angled, ergonomic handle, allowing seamless preoperative hair removal.
    • Usability in either wet or dry clipping conditions.
    • The only IXP-7 waterproof-rated clippers for submersibility, to support thorough cleaning and disinfecting.
    • Lithium-ion battery technology to facilitate longer runtime and improve energy efficiency.
    • Battery-life and charging indicators that alert clinicians to charge level.
    • Choice of three blades for a variety of procedures.
  • The ClipVac™ System features a small, portable vacuum with a single-use, vacuum-tip suction port and a filtered reservoir for the captured hair. The vacuum tip suction port and reservoir are disposed of after each use, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • The vacuum-tip suction port attaches exclusively to BD surgical clippers and is designed to promote proper clipping techniques.
  • The surgery-grade disposable filter captures clipped hair and debris down to 0.3 μ, at the source. The lightweight (less than 2 lbs) promotes portability and maneuverability.
  • The rechargeable battery maintains a constant 16,000 RPM throughout the 75 minutes of continuous runtime and can be fully charged in 4 hours.
  • The tubing and suction port are completely recyclable and the single-use filter can be placed in general waste after use.


  • The intended use of the BD ClipVac™ system is to vacuum clipped hair and airborne contaminants generated from the clipping process. It should be used with the BD Surgical Clipper (REF 5513E). Only trained healthcare personnel should use BD ClipVac™ system and the BD Surgical Clippers.
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