Aura Syringe Refills, E1, 3g SDI Limited 8560001

Item Number: 8560001
Packaging: Ea
Manufacturer: SDI Limited

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Features & Benefits:

  • Aura is the logical, innovative restorative system designed to save time, every time.
  • Based on the natural make-up and colors of enamel and dentin.
  • Simple layering technique to reproduce the natural colors of teeth.
  • High polishability and sculptability.
  • Designed to simplify shade matching for busy clinicians.
  • How tooth composition determines tooth colour: Since the colour of the tooth is determined by the dentine, not the enamel, the dentin shade plays a major role in determining the overall tooth colour.
  • The enamel is relatively translucent but requires high polishability.
  • Dentin is 95% of the tooth color: Single opacity, Hue saturation, Fluorescence.
  • Enamel is 5% of the tooth color: Translucency, Low hue, Opalescence.
  • Aura – a simple approach to a mirror finish:
    • Aura's enamel is microfilled for easy polishability to a mirror finish. This mirror finish is retained indefinitely. Choose the enamel shade by observing the patient: E1 (Young or bleached teeth), E2 (Adult teeth), E3 (Senior teeth).
    • Multipurpose use: Also available in 4 multipurpose chroma shades MC2, MC3, MC4 and MC5. These are ideal for non-layering aesthetic and bulk filling requirements.
  • Aura – an easy approach to identifying and matching tooth color:
    • Since the overall color of the tooth is determined by the dentin, not the enamel, choosing the dentin shade should be the first priority.
    • Bulk fill: For quick posterior restorations where overlaying enamel is not necessary. Designed to achieve high depth of cure and strength.
    • Minimal volumetric shrinkage for maximal dimensional stability.
  • Aura combines a new low-shrinkage resin composition with a new Ultra High Density (UHD) filler.
  • High marks for Aura's high flexural strength: Aura's superior flexural strength means it is able to withstand forces transmitted in the mouth.
  • Aura's impressive compressive strength: The unique morphology of the UHD filler provides an extremely high strength interface that can withstand high compressive forces.
  • Aura – how a linear scale provides an easy approach to tooth color selection. Aura is the result of five years collaboration with international materials and tooth restoration experts.
    • Nearly all dentin has a similar "Hue", falling in the red-brown-yellow range.
    • Aura focuses on where tooth colors vary, the "Chroma."
    • Chroma is how strong or weak a color (hue) is, measured in % saturation.
  • This linear and scientific arrangement brings predictability and simplicity to customising shades.


  • It is a ultra universal restorative material ideal for Anterior restorations, Posterior restorations, Indirect inlays, onlays & veneers, Core build ups, Splinting, Sandwich technique with glass ionomer.
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