Aura Complet Refill 20 x 0.25g - Bulk Fill SDI 8565012

Item Number: 8565012
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: SDI Limited

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Features & Benefits:

  • Aura bulk fill are speedy and simple posterior composite restorations.
  • Natural-looking finish with just one universal shade.
  • High depth of cure without the need for a capping layer.
  • Easy placement in a matter of seconds.
  • The waxy consistency is packable and non-sticky to optimize handling.
  • High Compressive strength.
  • Aura Bulk Fill Complet Refills available in 20 x 0.25g.
  • Depth of Cure:
    • The opacity of aura bulk fill is a function of the difference in the refractive index of its two components, the filler and the resin.
    • The curing process alters the refractive index of the resin marginally, to match the refractive index of the filler.
    • This lowers the opacity temporarily, allowing deeper light penetration for a high depth of cure.
    • Upon curing, the indices move apart again to arrive at the ideal opacity for aura bulk fill's brilliant chameleon-like finish.
  • Low volumetric shrinkage:
    • Delivers reduced stress to provide long lasting restorations.
  • Excellent flexural strength:
    • Resist major deformations without fracturing.


  • Ideal for any restoration, primary or permanent teeth.
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