Aspirating Syringe Type "A", 1.8cc Integra Miltex 76-80

Item Number: 76-80
Packaging: Ea
Manufacturer: Integra Miltex

Features & Benefits:

  • Aspirating Syringe Type "A", 1.8cc available with reduced thumb ring handle diameter to eliminate the excess gap, allowing just enough room for comfort and ease.
  • New oval shaped ring handle that fits naturally to the shape of your thumb.
  • Rounded edges on ring handle to create a smooth and soft feel.
  • Slightly flared base on ring handle to ease pressure while dispensing.
  • Shortened harpoon rod to reduce strain during aspiration.
  • The syringes are reusable and are provided clean and supplied non-sterile.
  • Wide wings allow for a better grip with greater control.
  • Aspirating syringes are available in Type CW (Cook-Waite) and Type A (Astra).


  • Self-Aspirating Syringes are used in conjunction with a needle and a 1.8cc pre-filled anesthetic cartridge.
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