Air-N-Go Easy with W & H adapter Acteon F10132

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Manufacturer: Acteon Group

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Features & Benefits:

  • AIR-N-GO Easy with W & H adapter. ANG Easy handpiece, 1 W&H adapter, 2 Supra 120° nozzles, 2 Autoclavable Front Bodies, 1 Intro kit of 10 multiflavor sticks of Classic Powder and 2 Pearl Powder sticks, 1 Maintenance kit (silicone grease syringe, 3 brushes, spare o-rings, syringe, cannula and 2 probes).
  • All clinical applications are easy with the all-in-one air polisher.
  • Adaptable handpiece for either SUPRA and SUB-gingival treatments.
  • 4 AIR-N-GO® nozzles for perfect removal of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Complete range of powders to provide customized solutions for all clinical needs.
  • Gentle and efficient treatments for better patient comfort.
  • Advanced design:
    • A single handpiece to cover a range of care and treatment AIR-N-GO® easy combines essential functions and reliability.
    • Fast start-up: direct connection to the high speed handpiece connector.
    • Thin and well-balanced.
    • 360° rotation, fast and accurate treatment of areas requiring care.
    • Easier cleaning of the handpiece: main parts can be dismantled.
  • Expertise:
    • Combining water, air and powder, AIR-N-GO® easy results from the most advanced fluid dynamics modelling techniques, provide continuous, accurate and controlled spray whatever the clinical context.

Complete range of active supragingival powders:

  • AIR-N-GO® powders have been specially designed and studied to produce effective treatment that is gentle on all treated surfaces.
  • Air-n-go "classic" powders:
    • Sodium Bicarbonate-based (≈ 76μm average grain size).
    • 5 fresh flavours based on 100% natural aromas or essential oils : Neutral, Cola, Raspberry, Peppermint and Lemon.
    • Remove stains and bacterial plaque, even in areas that are difficult to access such as pits and fissures.
    • Better patient comfort: gentle and efficient with limited bleeding during treatment.
    • Complete range of active supragingival powders.
    • Cleaning provides instant results.
  • Air-n-go "perio" powder:
    • Natural glycine-based (≈ 25μm average grain size).
    • Exclusive use for sub-gingival treatments as a complement to the initial therapy.
    • Low abrasiveness preserving the treated surfaces (teeth and implants) and the most fragile anatomical areas.
    • Prevents the progression of the sub-gingival biofilm.
    • Clinically proven to decrease biofilm subgingivally.
    • Safe to use on any implant surface.
  • Calcium carbonate "PEARL" powder:
    • Natural calcium carbonate-based (≈ 55μm average grain size).
    • Supragingival polishing powder for delicate tissue protection.
    • Reduction in pH acidity caused by tissue inflammation; return to clinically healthy buccal flora.
    • Restoration of the natural shine and pearliness of enamel.
    • Fast cleaning of difficult stains and composites.

Interchangeable nozzles:

  • 4 sterizable and reusable nozzles for active control of the progress of periodontal disease.
  • AIR-N-GO® nozzles provide continuous, accurate and controlled spray.
  • These nozzles offer power and efficiency for the removal of supra and subgingival biofilm.
  • SUPRA nozzle:
    • For any supra-gingival prophylactic treatment in combination with AIR-N-GO® "CLASSIC" or "PEARL" powders.
  • PERIO nozzle:
    • For sub-gingival use for surgical and non-surgical treatments, suitable for implants.
    • Powerful double lateral spray.
    • For use on implants.
  • PERIO Maintenance nozzle:
    • For reduced consumption of AIR-N-GO® "PERIO" fine powder particles supragingivally.
    • For use on implants and appliances.
  • PERIO easy nozzle:
    • For non-surgical, sub-gingival treatment of teeth and implants.
    • Innovative design in a "shoehorn" shape providing easy sub-gingival insertion.


  • Dual functions:
    • "SUPRA function" for supragingival polishing and stain removal.
    • "PERIO function" for sub-gingival polishing: maintenance, periodontal and peri-implant treatments.
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