3/4 Langer Double-End Curette, #2 Octagon Handle Hu-Friedy SL3/42

Item Number: SL3/42
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Hu-Friedy

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Features & Benefits:

  • 3/4 Langer Curette, Double-ended, easy-grip, #2 Octagon handle.
  • The Langer Curette design combines the benefits of a Universal Curette blade, and the shank designs of area specific Curettes.
  • Available in EverEdge® Technology, a revolutionary stainless steel alloy that is super-durable to stay sharper longer.
  • A Universal blade allows Instrumentation on both the Mesial and Distal surfaces with one Instrument.
  • The Gracey Style shanks allow adaptation on difficuly Posterior Root surfaces.
  • Available in Handle options including EverEdge® technology.
  • Suitable for scaling and Root planing and Periodontal Surgery.
  • Rigid Langer Curettes have a thicker shank diameter that provides greater rigidity for Heavy calculus removal.
  • After Five® Langer Curettes feature a Thinned blade that allows for easier insertion into deep, tight Periodontal pockets by the 3 mm extension of the terminal shank.
  • Langer Mini Five® Curettes feature a 50% Shorter blade for improved access and adaptation on narrow Root surfaces, Furcation areas, and narrow pockets by the 3 mm extension of the terminal shank.


  • For maxillary posterior.
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