1cc Syringe with Luer-Slip Tips, 10/pk Gingi-Pak® 13181

Item Number: 13181
Packaging: pk
Manufacturer: Gingi-Pak

Features & Benefits:

  • Gingi-Aid® is an epinephrine-free, 25% buffered aluminum chloride solutions for gingival retraction and hemostasis.
  • Easily absorbed by Gingi-Plain cords and braids.
  • Available in Syringes, Tips & Applicators, 10/pkg.
  • Gingi-Aid can also be applied by cord, cotton pellet, paper point, mini-sponge or syringe.
  • Gingi-Aid is readily absorbed by retraction cords and can be applied like traditional hemostyptic solutions by cotton pellet, saturated cord, paper point, mini-sponge, dabbett or syringe.


  • Formulation for gingival retraction and hemostasis hemorrhage control.
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