13/14 Mini Five Gracey Curette, #9 Everedge Handle Hu-Friedy SAS13/14R9

Item Number: SAS13/14R9
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Hu-Friedy

Features & Benefits:

  • 13/14 Rigid Mini Five. Longer terminal shank, standard diameter. Thinner blade. Double-ended handle.
  • The Rigid Gracey has a thicker, stronger, and less flexible shank than the standard Gracey. Terminal shank is 3 mm longer than Standard Gracey. Compared to the standard Gracey curette, blade is 50% shorter and 10% thinner.
  • Terminal shank elongated by 3 mm for access into deep periodontal pockets and root surfaces of 5 mm or more.
  • Reduced blade, half the length of the After FiveĀ® or standard Gracey, for better adaptation in narrow pockets and furcations.
  • Blade is 10% thinner than standard Gracey to ease gingival insertion and reduce tissue distention.
  • Area-specific design patterned after the standard Gracey's offers exact adaptation and control.
  • Available in Rigid designs for greater strength when needed.


  • For scaling in deep, narrow pockets.
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