1/2 Gracey Double-End Curette, #9 Everedge Handle Hu-Friedy SG1/2R9

Item Number: SG1/2R9
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Hu-Friedy

Features & Benefits:

  • 1/2 Gracey Double-End Curette #9 Everedge Handle, the blade of a Gracey curette is correctly adapted when the lower cutting edge is against the tooth, and the terminal shank is parallel to the tooth surface being scaled.
  • Apply lateral pressure against the tooth (root) and pull upward, maintaining the parallel shank.
  • The blade is offset from the shank at 70Ā°. This creates one cutting edge which is referred to as the lower edge.
  • Gracey curettes are used in a set to completely scale the dentition.
  • Shank diameter is wider than standard Gracey curette.
  • Blade width is the same as standard Gracey curette.


  • Rigid: Used for moderate to heavy calculus removal.
  • Extra Rigid: Used for tenacious calculus removal.
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