Sterisil® MyCheck In-office Waterline Test Paddles, 4/pk MC-4

Item Number: MC-4
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Sterisil

Features & Benefits:

  • Mycheck In-Office Check For Bacteria is CDC Recommends Dental Offices Regularly Test And Monitor Waterlines For Bacteria.
  • MyCheck screens dental unit waterlines for bacteria and provides an estimated heterotrophic plate count (HPC) to indicate probable compliance with the CDC and EPA guidelines of ≤ 500CFU/mL.
  • Provides an estimated HPC bacteria number.
  • Affordable and easy to use.
  • Results in 48-72 hours.
  • No overnight shipping required.
  • Available in 4-pack of paddles.
  • The convenient MyCheck is a self-contained paddle tester that is individually packaged, sterilized, and ready to use. The HPC DUWL sampler includes: A plastic paddle, an air vent on the back of the paddle, a membrane filter, a plastic case for sampling and incubating, instructions for use, and a sample log.
  • Handle - allows operator to hold paddle without contaminating sterile surfaces.
  • Vent - allows passage of air as the membrane filter and pad absorb water.
  • Plastic case - For sampling, incubating, and analysis.
  • Filter - Captures microorganisms.
  • Absorbant Pad - Supports the growth of microorganisms with nutrient medium.
    How to use your mycheck tester to screen water in your dental office:
    • Before collecting a water sample, remove the handpiece from the hand line; the syringe tip from the three-way air/water syringe; and the insert from the ultrasonic scaler. Flush the lines for a minimum of two minutes.
    • You may collect water from each of the waterlines on a single dental unit or make a pooled or combined sample. But you must collect a separate sample for each dental unit, each treatment room, or each water reservoir system that needs testing. Collect a sample from the DUWL in a sterile container, or Whirl-Pak™ bag if available, and neutralize your water sample if possible.
    • Label the clear plastic case with the sample location or room and date using a permanent marker.
    • Using PPE, remove the red paddle from the clear case. Do not lay the tester down.
    • Shake and pour the water from your sterile container into the clear case - fill to the upper line (18 mL) on the case.
    • Replace the paddle screen firmly in the case with the water sample.
    • Lay your bacteria checker horizontally with the filter side down for 30 seconds.
    • Remove the paddle from the case and shake off the excess water.
    • Empty the plastic case completely and firmly replace the paddle in the case.
    • Incubate the bacterial checker with the filter side down at warm room temperature, (77+/−2 F) for 72 hours.
    • Examine the filter in sunlight. The filter should turn black to contrast with the lightcolored bacteria. The microbial colonies will appear as spots on the filter. Their appearance will vary, depending upon the microorganisms recovered. Generally, colonies are glistening and either translucent or transparent. Colors may vary from colorless to white, cream, yellow, gray, or red. Sizes range from 5 mm to pinpoints. Edges may be smooth and rounded or round and irregular.
    • Count the colonies. Count each colony according to the filter grid shown at right.
    • Log the date, dental unit location, procedure, CFU/mL microbiological count, and the action required.
    • Take action. It is recommended by the ADA and CDC that the microorganism count of 500 CFU/mL and higher is considered a failed screen. If you count 201-499 CFU/mL, Agenics Labs recommends shocking lines to inhibit bacteria growth.
    • Once your sampling is completed, MyCheck is considered biohazardous waste. Prior to disposal, decontaminate by autoclaving, incinerating, or treating with bleach solution for at least 30 minutes.
    • MyCheck is designed as a screening tool for bacteria. For validated results and evidentiary reports, a third-party lab test should be conducted. MyCheck is not a substitute for quarterly water testing with a third-party laboratory.
  • In-office paddle tests may produce a false negative or variability in quantifying positive bacteria counts. Agenics Labs is not responsible for the failure of this product in its intended use, or for the actions taken based upon results.


  • Designed to be used in your dental practice.
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