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Small Dental Equipment

Small Dental Equipment


Small Dental Equipment plays a prime role in a day-to-day operation of any dental practices. It ensues smooth workflow, faster operations and aiding in many clinical dental procedures.

Prime Dental Supply is an authorized distributor of industry-leading dental products manufacturer to connect you to the small dental equipment solutions right for your start-up or existing dental practice. We can assist dentists, dental professionals, hospitals and government with equipment purchasing, installation, training and financing. As a full-service provider of dental equipment, we are committed to offering you great pricing, great customer service and faster delivery of your equipment purchase.

Browse hundreds of small dental equipment including Air polisher dental, Amalgam Separator, amalgamators, dental curing lights, dental model trimmer, intraoral camera, ultrasonic system, surgery equipment and more from world’s most trusted dental equipment manufacturer to bring value to your dental practice.

*Dental Equipment installation and training are available services and quoted on a case-by-case basis.


Following are some of the best-selling small dental equipment recommendations:

Dental Handpiece can vary by design shape, construction material, attachment type, head size, light source, weight, motor noise, air/water nozzles and more. It is recommended to choose the Handpiece employs high quality bearing to ensure the longevity of Handpiece. Browse the hundreds of Dental Handpiece such as High-Speed Dental Handpiece, Slow Speed Dental Handpiece and Surgical Handpiece manufactured by industry-leading dental Handpiece manufacturers such as J Morita, Johnson Promident, TPC, W&H, Hu-Friedy, Dentsply Sirona Midwest and more. Also, check out the Handpiece maintenance system to extend the life of your dental handpieces.
Bring Value to your Dental Practice with an innovative range of Dental Air Polishers. Get the high quality and easy to use Dental Air Polisher manufactured from Acteon Group, Harry J Bosworth Company, Johnson Promident and TPC. Dental Air Polisher is ideal to propel special kind of powders at a patient’s teeth prior to placement of orthodontic brackets, sealants and other fluoride treatment. The powder flows through Air polisher smoothly and efficiently. It is really important to analyze and understand the type of Powders that are compatible with your Dental Polisher.
Browse the specialized range of Amalgam separator to meet all state and federal requirements for the safe removal of mercury. Dental Amalgam Separator works with both wet and dry vacuum system and ideal to prevent the amalgam waste in the vacuum. It eliminates the harmful and hazardous material from infiltrating the practice's vacuum system and separate them in a collection tank so they do not get loose in the environment. Check out the comprehensive range of Amalgam separator such as Solmetex NXT Hg5 High Volume Amalgam Separator, NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator, NXT Hg5 Mini Amalgam Separator and Crosstex Syclone Amalgam Separator System.
Amalgamators sometimes called as Dental Triturators and are specially designed to mix amalgams, dental materials packaged in capsules, glass ionomers and other materials. It is really important to check the compatibility of the amalgamator with the capsule materials you prefer to use in your dental practice. Check out the unique range of Amalgamators such as 3M Rotomix Capsule Mixing Unit and SDI Ultramat S Amalgamator.
Give your patients an easy and comfortable dental curing experience with 3M Dental Curing Lights. A lightweight cordless LED dental curing lights specially designed for patient comfort, even the light positioning is difficult. Also, explore the premium collection of TPC Cordless Curing Lights, Dental Curing Lights, Built-in Curing Light and Acteon Mini LED Curing lights to experience the uniform and reliable dental cure.
Browse the unique range of Model Trimmer manufactured by Handler Red Wing International. We carry all of Model Trimmer including 31 Model Trimmer, 31X Model Trimmer, 32 Model Trimmer, 32X Model Trimmer and 32-¾ Model Trimmer. Dental Model Trimmer is ideal in a dental laboratory for trimming gypsum or refectory casts. Choose the best suitable dental model trimmer as per the volume facility of your Dental laboratory. It is recommended to choose a higher-powered dental model trimmer if your dental laboratory is a high volume facility for quick and efficient trimming and allows for frequent laboratory use.
We carry a unique range of Handler Flasks and Presses manufactured of malleable/ ductile cast iron for durability and long wear. A Flask Press is designed for pressing a single flask and a big bot flask press is designed for the busy laboratory. Browse the wide range of Handler Flask Presses such as 38 Big Boy Flask Press, 38B Big Boy Flask Press, 39 Deluxe Manual Press, 44G Atlas Giant Flask, 44U & 44L Atlas Flask and more. Handler Flask Press provides years of trouble-free service under the normal pressing procedure.
The Handler Chuck/Changer was designed to provide the technician with exacting concentricity and quick, easy changing of various chucks which greatly speeds grinding, polishing and finishing procedures. It provides fully automatic, precision changing of diameter burs, mandrels and chuck accessories with the slight movement of a handle while the motor is turning. Browse the unique range of Handle Chuck/changer including 16B Chuck/Changer with 26A lathe, 16B-1 Chuck/Changer with 26 Lathe, 16SB Chuck/Changer with 28L Lathe and 16SB-1 Chuck/Changer with 28H Lathe.
Acteon SOPROCARE concept was developed to assist the dental professional during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the dental office. In addition, SOPROCARE is the first product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation. TPC Advance Cam Intraoral Camera provides high-speed direct USB connection with no docking station required. It is lighter in weight and reduces cabling.
Handler Red Wing Lathe is designed for finishing restorations in dental labs. It is mounted to the bench for stability and can feature one or two spindles. We carry different type of Handler Red Wing Lathe including 26, 26A, 27, 28H and 28L. Speed and Torque control is depending on the type of Red Wing Lathe. Choose the best suitable type of Handler Red wing lathe that meets your specific needs and fit on the bench of your dental laboratory.
Improve patient care and enhance patient experience with high-quality Acteon Surgical units. It is a highly reliable tool provides more precise, faster and painless dental surgeries. The dental surgery equipment performs coagulation and soft tissue incisions (Servotome®), pre-implant bone surgeries and dental implants placement (Piezotome® range). Browse hundreds of Acteon Surgery Tips, Handpiece, Equipment and Accessories to get unmatched performance and improved clinical experience.
Remove all the debris from dental restoration and dental instruments easily and effectively with Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners. They are eco-friendly and do not use harsh chemicals as they only use electricity to clean the dental instruments. Most of the Dental Ultrasonic systems are constructed from stainless steel. They can easily reach hard to reach areas. Check out the wide range of Ultrasonic Cleaning System including Effica E1 Ultrasonic Cleaning System, Quantrex System, SweepZone System, Ultrasonic Tips and accessories manufactured by L&R Ultrasonics.

We are an authorized Dental Equipment Supplier of the industry’s leading Dental Products Manufacturer;

  • 3M Oral Care
  • Acteon
  • Crosstex
  • Handler Red Wing International
  • Harry J Bosworth Company
  • Hu-Friedy
  • Itena Clinical Products
  • J Morita
  • Johnson Promident
  • L & R Ultrasonic
  • EnviroKlenz
  • SDI Limited
  • Shofu Dental Corporation
  • Solmetex
  • TPC
  • W&H Group


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Due to the global demand created by the Coronavirus health situation, orders for infection control products (masks, gloves, gowns, PPE, etc.) cannot be guaranteed for delivery and are subject to backorder status, allocation, or cancellation. PPE Products are for sale to licence healthcare professionals only. We will do our best to provide updates as we receive them.

All Facemasks, Gloves, Gowns, PPE, etc. Sales are final sales and Non-Returnable.