Slimax-C Plus, LED Curing Light, Blue, Built-in Radiometer Beyes SM1003P-B

Item Number: SM1003P-B
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Beyes Dental Canada Inc.

Features & Benefits:

  • The newest Slimax-C Plus Curing Light System provides an innovative built-in digital radiometer. You will be more confident than ever when calculating the curing time.
  • This system is also equipped with an LED display panel to give you the control that you need. It is powered by a rechargeable Samsung Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 850 curing times per charge. The Slimax C-Plus comes with a ONE year full warranty.
  • Durable: Solid aluminum body sets it apart from all its plastic competitors
  • Portable: Cordless design with a long-lasting battery.
  • Powerful: Generates powerful output of 2000mW/cm2(±10%)
  • Beautiful: 3 colours give you a decor choice with a personal touch.
  • Slimax-C Plus available in Blue color, Cordless, Display Panel, Built-in Radiometer.
  • Specifications:

  • Power Supply : Lithium-ion battery (3.7V 2200mAH)
  • Wavelength Range : 430-480 nm
  • Wavelength Peak : 455 nm ± 10 nm
  • Light Intensity : 2000 mW/cm2 ± 10% (independent of battery power level)
  • Total Exposure Time ( fully charged battery) : 850 10-second cures
  • Charging Time (depleted battery) : approximately 3 hours
  • Dimensions : Diameter 23 mm (0.92"), Length 254mm (10")
  • Weight : 160g (0.35 lb) (includes light guide)
  • Safety Precautions:

  • This LED curing unit must be used in strict accordance with the following operating instructions. The manufacturer assumes no liability for any damage resulting from the misuse of this unit or if it is being used for any other purpose.
  • NOTE: Exercise extreme caution when using this product in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture or an oxidizer like oxygen or nitrous oxide.
  • This LED curing unit produces a high-output of light energy. A significant increase in light energy is possible when compared to equipment previously used. It is important to observe the following precautions and procedures:
    • Do not place light directly on or towards unprotected gingiva or skin.
    • Adjust curing techniques in accordance with the increase in light energy.
    • Do not look directly at the light emitted from this LED curing unit. Do not use this device without suitable eye protection for the operator, assistant and patient.
    • Person(s) having a history of photosensitive reactions or who are using photosensitizing drugs should not be exposed to light from this LED curing unit.
  • Use only the Beyes charger provided with this unit; The use of any other charger can result in damage to the battery.
  • Do not allow cleaning agents to enter the unit; This may short-circuit the unit or cause a potentially dangerous malfunction.
  • Only service centers authorized by Beyes Dental Canada Inc. may open the Curing Light Controller housing and repair the unit.
  • In order to avoid electric shock do not introduce any objects into the unit with the exception of replacement parts in accordance with the Operating Instructions.
  • Person(s) (practitioners or patients) who have previously suffered from a retina or crystalline lens condition or who have undergone eye surgery (in particular for cataracts) must see their ophthalmologist before using the Slimax curing light. Whether an eye specialist approves the use of this curing light, cautiousness is strongly recommended for the reason that the intensity of the light could cause accidents. Class 2M protective eyewear is suitable for use with units emitting radiation at wavelengths between 420 and 480 nm, and should be worn at all times.


  • The Slimax-C Plus Curing Light System provides instant measurement of the output
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