RP X-OMAT LO Fixer and Replenisher, 2 20L Carestream 5224381

Item Number: 5224381
Packaging: 1/Pkg
Manufacturer: Carestream Dental
Special Order Item. 14-21 Days Delivery. Item can not be returned.

Features & Benefits:

  • RP X-OMAT LO fixer and replenisher is formulated to enhance your working environment, image quality, and bottom line.
  • Versatile Diagnostic Film Fixer Features Low Odor and High Performance.
  • Suitable for standard, rapid, extended, and manual processing, this versatile fixer is recommended for all Carestream diagnostic films, and other manufacturers' films.
  • Reduced odor, replenishment and environmental impact are among its perks.
  • Reduced Odor: A special formulation reduces emissions of odor-causing acetic acid and sulfur dioxide to significantly improve processing, mixing, and storage environments.
  • High-quality images: RP X-OMAT LO fixer and replenisher is optimized for high image quality. When used with Carestream films, it yields a blue image tone for improved contrast perception and reduced eye fatigue. Low retention of hypo and unexposed silver produce excellent image-keeping.
  • Reduced Artifacts: Fewer artifacts further enhance image quality and reduce the need for costly, time-consuming re-examinations.
  • Reduced Replenishment - Up to 50%: Using a variety of in-line recirculating silver-recovery equipment, RP X-OMAT LO fixer and replenisher cuts replenishment rate by 50 % for both lower chemistry and disposal costs and reduced environmental impact.
  • Lower Maintenance: An anti-crystallization formula produces a clean-running solution that minimizes buildup on fixer racks and tanks-for reduced maintenance.
  • A convenient two-part liquid concentrate mix provides 10 gallons (38 L) of fixer solution.


  • Designed for standard and rapid processing, it handles all Carestream radiology films, including mammography.
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