Posey Guard Rail Protectors, Soft Split Side Rail, 36" L x 16" H x 1/2" Thick, Open Bar Side Rail Designs TIDI 5705

Item Number: 5705-1
Manufacturer: Tidi Products
Item Discontinued.
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Features & Benefits:

  • Posey Guard Rail Protectors Soft Split Side Rail feature a universal design with multiple versatile hook-and-loop straps for easy attachment to many beds and side rails.
  • The soft, padded design helps protect against hard side rail surfaces and is covered in a water repellent vinyl that can be wiped clean between uses.
  • Provides a visual deterrent against patients exiting the bed between the side rails and depending on the bed system, these protectors may help mitigate and safeguard against FDA/HBSW entrapment zones 1 and 51.
  • Pads easily secure with hook-and-loop straps.
  • The 5705LS model features both additional and longer straps for larger encapsulated side rail designs.
  • Wipe clean vinyl covers.
  • Dimensions: 36" L x 16" H x 1/2" Thick (91 cm x 41 cm x 1 cm).
  • Quantity: 1 pr.
  • Direction:
  • Inspect product prior to use. Do not use soiled or damaged products.
  • Place the pad inside and between the upper and lower side rails of the bed with the attachment straps pointing outward.
  • Secure the bottom attachment straps to the bed frame. At least two of the three straps need to be secured for proper use.
  • Position and attach the remaining straps to the bed side rails: A. Wrapping the loop closure completely around the attaching point; B. Pulling the hook material over the loop material; C. Excess strap length may be cut if desired.
  • While not all straps may be applicable for use on some bed models, ensure that enough of the straps are attached to secure the pad on the bed.
  • Check for proper fit. Modified beds may not be compatible with Posey Split Side Rail Protectors.


  • Patients at risk for bed entrapment; patients prone to unassisted bed exit. Features soft padding to help prevent patient injury and deter patient exits between the split side rails.
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