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Large Dental Equipment

Large Dental Equipment


A New Dental Equipment and technology brings many benefits such as improved efficiency, improved diagnostics, optimized workflow and improved patient satisfaction that enables your practice growth. Give your patients a best-in-class experience with innovative Equipment and Technology solutions.

We are an authorized distributor of industry-leading dental products manufacturer to connect you to the right solution for your legacy dental practice. We can assist dentists, dental professionals, hospitals and government with equipment purchasing, installation, training and financing. As a full-service provider of dental equipment, we are committed to offering you great pricing, great customer service and faster delivery of your equipment purchase.

Browse hundreds of large dental equipment including dental delivery systems, dental stools, dental lab equipment, imaging system, mobile cabinet, operatory lights, operatory packages, air compressors, autoclaves, imaging system, vacuum unit, x-ray sensor, x-ray unit and more to equip your new dental start-up or ongoing dental practice.

Equipment Installation and training are available services and quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Following are some of the best-selling large dental equipment recommendations:

Get the innovative range of self-contained mobile treatment console ProSeal I, ProSeal II, ProSeal III, Portable II, ProSeal I and ProSeal II Dental Delivery Units manufactured by DNTworks. We also provide TPC Mirage Chair Mounted Delivery system, Mirage Mobile Cart, Mirage Wall / Cabinet Mounted System and Mirage Panel & Cabinet Mounted system designed for the efficiency and convince in the dental operatory.
Increase the comfort and enhance the productivity and efficiency of your dental practice by choosing the right type of Dental Seating Solution. We are an authorized supplier of the wide range of Seating Solution including Dental Stools, Assistance Stools, Doctor’s Stools, Hygienist Stools, Operator Stools, Saddle Stools, Field Stools, Dental chairs, Patient Chairs and more for doctors, dentists, assistants, hygienists, operators and patients. These ergonomic dental seating solutions are manufactured by leading dental equipment manufacturer Brewer, TPC and DNTLworks.
Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) is the fastest growing technology in the dental industry today. It creates an advanced and 3D digital model of the patient’s anatomy. This Imaging system is ideal for orthodontics, endodontics, dental sleep medicine, airway management and a range of other clinical imaging needs. We carry a comprehensive range of Imaging systems manufactured by MyRay that minimizes X-ray doses and improves image quality. Explore our full line of imaging equipment including Cone Beam CBCT, MyRay Hyperion X5, MyRay Hyperion X9, Digital X-Ray Scanner manufactured from MyRay and Acteon Group.
Get everything you need for your dental lab in one place. We carry all of the quality dental lab equipment you need to ensure that your dental laboratory runs smoothly and effectively. Check out the durable, scalable and affordable range of dental lab equipment such as Curing Units, Lab Work Shelf, Lab Workstation, Laboratory bench and Modular Cabinet manufactured by industry-leading dental equipment manufacturer Handler Red Wing International. Handler Dental Lab Equipment is specially designed to make your workflow efficient that accommodate all your needs.
Dental Operatory Mobile Cabinetry or Mobile Cabinet is specially designed to be moved within one operatory or between different rooms. It can include a range of instruments drawers, storage drawers, adjustable shelves, sliding top and more as per the purpose. It is commonly used in orthodontic practices. Get the premium quality Mobile cabinetry such as Assistant’s “Alabama”, Assistant's "North Carolina", Utility and Doctor’s Mobile Cabinet manufactured by TPC.
Dental Operatory light is an important fixture in every dental clinic and it can be mounted on the ceiling, cabinet, wall or delivery system as per the requirement of dentists or dental professionals. We are an authorized supplier of premium quality operatory lights such as Lucent, Radiant, Luminous PoliBlock, Advanced Operatory light manufactured by TPC and ProBrite Halogen, ProBrite LED 10 and ProBrite LED 3 Light manufactured by DNTLworks.
Dental Operatory Package is designed to set up your entire treatment area including the patient chair, operatory lights, delivery system, and other clinical seating. Compared to purchasing a separate dental product, Dental operatory package assured that everything you need to set up an operatory has been covered and you need a single vendor for installation or support. TPC, a leading dental product manufacturer provides a wide range of Dental Operatory packages including Mirage Chair Mounted, Mirage Swing Mounted, Laguna Chair Mounted, Orthodontic and Laguna Orthodontic Chair Package.
Get the contoured ergonomic and elegant styling Patient chair manufactured by the leading dental equipment manufacturer DNTLworks, TPC and Handler. Check out the new arrivals of various kind of Patient chairs including exam chairs, lab chairs, orthodontic chairs and portable chairs.
Get the unique range of Oil Free ProAir I, ProStart and ProAir III Portable Air Compressor manufactured by DNTLworks, leading manufacturer of portables, mobile and self-contained dental equipment. DNTLworks Portable Air Compressors are designed to perform Quiet operations and provides Clean air supply that is moisture and oil-free.
Get the time-saving and closed-door fully automatic Tuttnauer autoclave to sterilize and dries your equipment faster. Tuttnauer Autoclave EZ9 and EZ10 are designed to make life easy with simple one-touch filling, sterilization, exhaust and drying. All program parameters can be customized and stored.
Get the precise range of Vacuum Unit manufactured by the DNTLworks, leading manufacturer of portables, mobile and self-contained dental equipment. A Vacuum Unit is specially designed for periodontists, orthodontists, endodontists, hygienists and other healthcare professionals. It is ideal for a dentist in a temporary location or where the central system is not feasible.
Capture, display, process and manage every detail in the palm of your hand. MyRay’s Advanced portable imaging system is perfect for all your diagnostic needs. Experience the immediate diagnostic, real-time image processing, portability and working freedom with MyRay X-Pod and Zen-X X-Ray Sensor.
Get the Innovative design, revolutionary ergonomics, advanced technology and maximum flexibility with Dental X-Ray Units including Portable X-Ray Units and Intraoral X-Ray Unit manufactured by Well Known Manufacturers like MyRay and DNTLworks. Experience the New Imaging Generation with Powerful Dental X-Ray Units.

We are an authorized Dental Equipment Supplier of the industry’s leading Dental Products Manufacturer;

  • Acteon
  • DNTLworks
  • TPC
  • Brewer
  • MyRay
  • Tuttnauer


Dental Equipment Finance


Choosing the right dental equipment that fits the space of your new or existing dental practice is a big decision. You may be going to utilize this dental equipment for thousands of your patients, so let’s help you to ensure that you are making the right decision for your practice, assistant and patients.

  • Setting Up Budget

    Budget is an essential and most important aspect to consider while purchasing large dental equipment for your practice. Make sure you take some time to write down a budget and ensure that your equipment purchase fits into your budget. Equipment financing is the best solution to keep your dental practice running without financial stress.

    Click here to Calculate your Monthly EMIs and Return on Investments

  • Understanding the Purpose

    Once you have made the decision of purchasing new dental equipment for your practice, the second most important thing is selecting the right equipment. Ask yourself some of below questions before selecting any kind of dental equipment.

    • Is this equipment fulfilling my purpose?
    • Is this equipment improving my patient satisfaction?
    • Will this equipment help to get more patients?
    • Is this dental equipment right for my patient? Is it comfortable for them?
    • Is this dental equipment comfortable to use for assistants, hygienists or who are working around patients?
    • Is this a high-quality equipment?
  • Research and Reviews

    Take some time to research on equipment look, functionality, quality, capability, working life, patient experience, etc. You can check out some of the equipment reviews online given by other dental professionals and also ask other dentists or professionals to share their experience.

For more information about Dental Equipment Purchasing and Financing, please contact one of our Professional and Experienced Representatives at (845) 708-0936 or email us at

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