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Discount Dental Equipment

Prime Dental Supply offers a wide variety of discount dental equipment for your practice. From operatory packages to digital X-ray to your sterilization needs, we offer a full line of products to fit your needs. We also offer specialized products for lab, surgical, mobile dentistry, and first aid responders.

We’ve successfully designed, installed, and provided training in private practices, large groups, health centers, and acute care facilities. Call us for your discount dental equipment needs and see what we can do for you!

*Dental Equipment installation and training are available services and quoted on a case-by-case basis.


Discount Dental Equipment


We offer large equipment such as operatory packages, chairs, dental delivery systems, operatory lights, dental stools, cabinetry, sterilization centers, compressors, x-ray units, digital pan/ceph, imaging systems, lab equipment, mobile cabinetry, portable air compressors, portable x-ray units, mobile equipment, and more from world’s most trusted dental equipment manufacturer.

Following are some of the best-selling large dental equipment recommendations:

Get the innovative range of self-contained mobile treatment console ProSeal I, ProSeal II, ProSeal III, Portable II, ProSeal I and ProSeal II Dental Delivery Units manufactured by DNTLworks. We also provide TPC Mirage Chair Mounted Delivery system, Mirage Mobile Cart, Mirage Wall / Cabinet Mounted System and Mirage Panel & Cabinet Mounted system designed for the efficiency and convince in the dental operatory.
Get the Innovative design, revolutionary ergonomics, advanced technology and maximum flexibility with Dental X-Ray Units including Portable X-Ray Units and Intraoral X-Ray Unit manufactured by Well Known Manufacturer like Acteon, MyRay and DNTLworks. Experience the New Imaging Generation with Powerful Dental X-Ray Units.
Advanced, Fast, Simple imaging equipment manufactured by MyRay that minimizes X-ray doses and maximizes image quality. Explore our full line of imaging equipment including Cone Beam CBCT, MyRay Hyperion X5, MyRay Hyperion X9, Digital X-Ray Scanner manufactured from MyRay and Acteon Group.
Increase the comfort and enhance the productivity and efficiency of your dental practice by choosing the right type of Dental Seating Solution. We are an authorized supplier of the wide range of Seating Solution including Dental Stools, Assistance Stools, Doctor’s Stools, Hygienist Stools, Operator Stools, Saddle Stools, Field Stools, Dental chairs, Patient Chairs and more for doctors, dentists, assistants, hygienists, operators and patients. These ergonomic dental seating solutions are manufactured by leading dental equipment manufacturer Brewer, TPC and DNTLworks.


Our small equipment products can fill the entire needs for your practice. Covering all specialties, we can offer small equipment such as air polishers, amalgamators, curing lights, digital sensors, handpieces, implant surgery motors, intraoral cameras, ultrasonic cleaners, surgical equipment, and more from brands you trust. We back all of our products and can offer spare parts and repair services.

Following are some of the best-selling small dental equipment recommendations:

Give your patients an easy and comfortable dental curing experience with 3M Elipar Curing Light and 3M Paradigm Curing Light. A lightweight cordless LED dental curing lights specially designed for patient comfort, even the light positioning is difficult. Also, explore the premium collection of TPC Cordless Curing Lights, Dental Curing Lights, Built-in Curing Light and Acteon Mini LED Curing lights to experience the uniform and reliable dental cure.
MyRay C-U2 Intraoral Camera comes with innovative design and HD vision. It is portable, fast and simple. It ensures the highest image quality and user-friendliness. C-U2 Intraoral Camera becomes your new method of working, communicating and imagining. TPC Advance Cam Intraoral Camera provides high-speed direct USB connection with no docking station required. It is lighter in weight and reduces cabling.
Prime Dental Supply is an authorized distributor of a comprehensive range of Dental Handpieces such as High-Speed Dental Handpiece, Slow Speed Dental Handpiece, Surgical Handpiece and Handpiece Maintenance System manufactured by an industry leading dental Handpiece manufacturers such as J Morita, Johnson Promident, TPC, W&H, Hu-Friedy, Dentsply Sirona Midwest and more.
Browse the specialized range of Amalgam separator to meet all state and federal requirements for the safe removal of mercury. Dental Amalgam Separator works with both wet and dry vacuum system and ideal to prevent the amalgam waste in the vacuum. Check out the comprehensive range of Amalgam separator such as Solmetex NXT Hg5 High Volume Amalgam Separator, NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator, NXT Hg5 Mini Amalgam Separator and Crosstex Syclone Amalgam Separator System.

Discount Dental Equipment

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  • 3M Oral Care
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  • Shofu Dental Corporation
  • TPC
  • Brewer
  • MyRay
  • Crosstex
  • W&H Group

When Is Right Time to Repair or Replace Your Dental Equipment?

Buying new dental equipment is a big expenditure. However, repairing old dental equipment frequently becomes throwing money away in the long term.

Are you deciding on whether to repair your dental equipment or to replace? At what point does it make sense to replace new dental equipment with the existing one? Taking the right decision would take some patience and learning.

This article would help you to make the right decision whether your dental equipment needs repair or replacement.

Following are 3 most important factors to consider before finalizing a decision on whether to repair or replace your dental equipment.

  • Dental Equipment Life

    Dental Equipment life is the primary factor to consider at the time of deciding on whether to repair or replace dental equipment. If your large dental equipment like a chair, stools, cabinets are repeatedly getting down or stopped working properly and it is more than 12 to 15 years old, repairing might not be worth. However, busy dental practices tend to see shorter life span than slower dental practices. It is advisable to keep a dental equipment log including age, date of purchase, whether it was purchased new or used, repair records, warranty coverage, etc.

    Below is an approximate analysis of useful life of dental equipment:

    Dental Chair 12-15 Years
    Doctor’s Stool 12-15 Years
    Operator’s Stool 12-15 Years
    Cabinets 12-15 years
    Air Compressor 10-12 years
    Autoclave 8-10 Years
    Vacuum System 8-10 Years
    Dental Units 8-10 Years
    Ultrasonic Cleaner 8-10 Years
    X-Ray Unit 4-5 Years
    Dental Handpieces 2-3 Years
    Old dental equipment
  • Dental Equipment Audit

    It is highly recommended to conduct a dental equipment audit once a year. Create a detailed log of each problem, repairs and replacement. Regularly collect the feedback about equipment performance from staff or equipment operators and keep it in the log. Arrange a rating system (1 to 5) for each unit, this would help you to prioritize which unit need repair or replacement first.

  • Regular Maintenance & Training

    Regular Maintenance and Proper care can extend the life span of your dental equipment. Ensure the regular maintenance by a qualified and trained technician to keep your dental equipment running smoothly for a longer time. Make sure your staff take proper training on how to operate and maintain dental equipment. This would considerably extend the life span of your dental equipment and help you to make the right decision on repair or replacement.

We’ve successfully designed, installed, and provided training in private practices, large groups, health centers, and acute care facilities. For more information about Dental Equipment Purchasing and Financing, please contact one of our Professional and Experienced Representatives at (845) 708-0936 or email us at info@primedentalsupply.com

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