Conseal F Syringe Bulk Kit SDI 7850013

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Features & Benefits:

  • Conseal f have Lowest viscosity and deepest penetration.
  • Conseal f bulk syringe kit:
    • 10 x 1g (0.91mL) Conseal f syringes.
    • 40 single use disposable tips.
  • Clinically proven:
    • Conseal pit and fissure sealants are clinically proven.
    Sealants contribute significantly to dental public health.
  • Bio compatible:
    • Conseal f's low water solubility minimizes breakdown of the sealant in the oral environment.
  • Deepest penetration:
    • Conseal f is available in direct placement syringes and single dose complets. Both have pre-bent, superfine dispensing tips which facilitate controlled, direct extrusion for faster procedures and allow direct dispensing into previously difficult to reach areas.
    • The Conseal f nozzle, one third the size of other brands, enhances complete sealing and retention by allowing penetration into the deepest pits and fissures; crevasses that will not admit the dispensing tips of other materials.
  • Low viscosity Super Etch LV:
    • SDI has created a specialized blue gel 37% phosphoric acid etchant for sealants, in a direct delivery system.
    • Super Etch LV's lower viscosity improves the acid's surface contact for deeper etchant penetration into the pits and fissures.
    • The deeper acid penetration strengthens the mechanical bond and the retention success of Conseal f sealants.
  • Lowest viscosity:
  • Conseal f is the lowest viscosity sealant.
    • The ideal low viscosity allows Conseal f to flow faster and deeper into the prepared pits and fissures. A recognized cause of pit and fissure sealant failure is an inability to seal.
    • The tighter seal optimizes Conseal f's mechanical retention and eliminates the space required for bacteria to grow.
    • Conseal f's tight seal is further enhanced by its unique UDMA resin system's lower shrinkage and by being BIS-GMA free, avoiding the controversy of Bisphenol A.
  • Releases fluoride:
    • Conseal f's tight seal is further enhanced by its unique UDMA resin system's lower shrinkage and by being BIS-GMA free, avoiding the controversy of Bisphenol A.
    • The unique Conseal f filler component, with its blend of particles and high surface-to-area volume ratios, enables high fluoride release.
    • Fluoride enhances caries prevention, remineralization, and the inhibition of enamel demineralization.
  • Tip size comparison**:
    • Conseal f's syringe and Complet tip diameter opening is only 0.41mm; significantly smaller than the alternatives of 1.5mm or 1.3mm.
    • Conseal f syringe and Complet 27 gauge tip.
  • Contains filler:
    • Conseal f is 7% filled with a submicron filler size of 0.04 microns to withstand surface wear.
  • Hygienic placement:
    • The Conseal f complets offer a direct and hygienic way of dispensing the sealant, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.
  • Range of colors:
    • Conseal f is available in opaque white. Conseal is available in clear and light grey.


  • It is used to Clean and isolate the tooth.
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