Cassette Rack for 360R, Holds 5 Small Cassettes L&R 26847

Item Number: 26847
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: L&R Ultrasonics
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Features & Benefits:

  • L&R's Instrument Delivery Cassette (IDC) System is a safe and efficient way to clean, store and sterilize dental/medical instruments.
  • Protecting you and your staff from accidental punctures, the IDC system reduces the risk of cross-contamination while organizing and eliminating the need to handle contaminated instruments.
  • Interlocking feet for compatibility with other major cassette brands, allowing the IDC to be added to your existing stock of cassettes.
  • Stainless steel construction for enhanced cavitation and more effective cleaning.
  • Detachable covers for added convenience.
  • Instant snap-lock features for easier use.
  • 650, 650R Cassette Rack (Holds 3 Large Cassettes or 6 Small) 2 Racks Fit 1 Unit.
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