Advantage Hemaseal & Cide Desensitizer with 4% Chlorhexidine, 10mL Bottle 170

Item Number: 170
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Advantage Dental Products, Inc

Features & Benefits:

  • Hemaseal & Cide with 4% chlorhexidine. It's four products in one bottle.
  • If you want to practice dentistry at the highest level of your profession, use Hemaseal & Cide for the following four benefits when performing restorative procedures:
    • Elimination of post-op sensitivity - precluding the need to do remakes.
    • Superior disinfection of preparations.
    • Enhancement and prolongation of bond strength.
    • Reduction of microleakage.
  • Additionally, you can enjoy the following Bonus Benefit: Hemaseal & Cide eliminates the need to perform root-canal therapies, in many cases.
  • It was the ONLY product to improve bond strength with self-etch and total-etch products.
  • Chlorhexidine has been shown to prolong bond to dentin.
  • Total elimination of post-op sensitivity.
  • Unlike Gluma, it is soft-tissue friendly.
  • Increases bond strength.
  • Available in 10mL Bottle.
  • 4% Chlorhexidine is the major difference maker in this product. Chlorhexidine can lower the surface tension of water. It is a linear molecule with a dual-pole positive charge, and is attracted to the negatively charged tooth.


  • It's indicated for use under direct restorative materials such as composites, glass ionomers and amalgams. It can be used on crown preparations after shaping or before seating.
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Advantage Dental Hemaseal and Cide
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